The latest period drama of Ms Daphne Bridgerton

Period Drama Netflix Series Bridgerton

I had been searching for a new series to watch on my trusted companion, Netflix. Having watched other period dramas such as The Crown, Downton Abbey, etc, one of the suggestions was a series called Bridgerton. Based in the 1800s, the series follows the Bridgerton family as they seek to find love and happiness. In London’s high society during this era, mothers would prepare their children for arranging matches for marriage. With this purpose in mind, a summer of match-making, courting, and prestigious balls occur, with one purpose in mind…to find a worthy suitor! It all sounds relatively delightful, doesn’t it? Until one of London’s most eligible (and handsome, may I add) bachelors appears on the scene.

Netflix Series Bridgerton Mother Daughter Marriage

Untold amounts of characters will appear

An array of characters will appear with each episode. Evidently, with actors such as Julie Andrews, Hugh Sachs, & Adjoa Andoh appearing in the series, expectations were high. Without a doubt, they do not disappoint. What I love the most is how each new character brings a new twist to the story. In general, there is no insignificant character. Each one offers a new perspective on the story at hand. In addition, they play their character with an accent that would have been acquired in high society in London. Hence, if you do like the quintessential British accent, then you will love listening to each and every episode.

Personally, my favorite character was Queen Charlotte and her unorthodox representation of the Queen. Could the Queen really have been a true gossip during the 1800s? Secondly, the main character herself, Daphne Bridgerton. Maintaining her respect within society is of paramount importance to her. Watch as you see her make the choice between what she should do to keep her honour intact, or what she really wants to do, for reasons of love, lust, and all other emotions which can sometimes guide us in the wrong direction. To watch a real-life perspective on how to find love, I recommend watching Love is Blind.

Netflix Series Bridgerton Love Lust

Bridgerton – Episode 6

Firstly, I do not wish to reveal too much about this series if you haven’t already seen it. Albeit, I recommend that you hold out until at least episode 6. What’s more, do not watch it in front of your parents! In truth, whilst I watched the first few episodes of Bridgerton, I doubted that this series was for me. With so much focus on Daphne chasing the fairytale of a woman & man meeting at a ball and living happily ever after, I mistakenly thought this could have been more like a Disney production but I was already committed to the series so pursued.

Episode 6 revealed to me that this was no Disney fairytale. This was the pinnacle episode for me. Whereas the first episodes tell the story of the Bridgerton family, their history, their place in society, etc. Throughout, the series presents Daphne as a respected daughter held in high regard. On the other, that of an independent woman who has her own desires that she wishes to explore. Consequently, episode 6 pivots the story which then leads us to the penultimate final episodes filled with emotion, passion, & maybe a happy ending..but I cannot tell you that. Watch for yourself and I am sure that you will not regret it!

– M

Is Love is blind actually worth watching?

Love is blind worth the watch

Is it really worth investing over 10 hours into watching this reality TV show? And the answer is, yes, yes it really is! Oh, the drama! So much happens. Couples break up, fall in love, and even get married! This is a spoiler-free zone, and I won’t use any names or reveal how things ended. So if you haven’t seen the show yet, this is a safe read! With everything that’s been going on in the world, I had some extra hours to kill on the couch. Also, all my friends are hooked on this show. It only took an episode, and I became addicted. Here’s why you should watch and gossip about Love is blind! 

What is the concept of Love is blind?

Thirty men and women who all wish to find eternal love gather together. Through the first 10 days, they all date each other. This is happening rapidly and intensely. Like a 24/7 speed date. It’s like they all go from 0 to 100 in a split of a second. While they are dating they are not able to see one another. They are dating in so-called “pods”! Everyone has their own room, with a wall in the middle hiding the other person they are dating.

This is the actual concept of the show. Is love really blind? Can love blossom without knowing how the other person looks physically? For me, this wasn’t that interesting, considering Netflix only chose what you would call attractive people in the first place. 

Love is blind, or is it?

Why should I bother watching Love is blind? 

Let’s sum it up with one name, Jessica! Haha, no, I’m just joking. And I promise that was not a spoiler, but something you’ll realize after watching. Trust me. This show is perfect if you just want something easy to watch. Or maybe you’re like me and have a friend group who can’t stop talking about all the people on the show. So you watch it just to join conversations. 

The show moves very quickly, so it doesn’t get boring or repetitive. Even though reality shows like this aren’t really a new concept (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, etc.)  it still felt like something new. Like a breath of fresh air. I especially fell in love with one of the couples, they are so cute! Had you seen the show, you’d know who I’m talking about. If you still don’t seem convinced to watch this show, maybe reality isn’t for you? Do you prefer crime, if so I’d recommend you to have a look HERE!

I believe Love is blind

What happens in Love is blind?

The couples making it through to the next step of the process, are the ones who have proposed and received a yes. They are then immediately taken on a vacation to Mexico! The best part about this is that all the couples are staying at the same hotel.

Some of them got strong emotions for other people they talked to in the “pods”, this will be the first time they get to see each other! While on vacation with their new finance. The last episode is about the wedding day. Who will say yes at the altar?

– B

Go old-school: Have a game night!

Game night and pizza

I think that sometimes our technical devices take over our lives. Because of that, I try to disconnect from time to time. I decided to arrange a classic, old-school game night with some friends. In my opinion, it was a huge success! 

Not just a boring game of Monopoly

In my case, we chose Monopoly as our game of choice. If you’re not sure which game you want to play, you can take a look right HERE. We chose Monopoly because it’s fun and also you can play it the whole night. In some cases, that’s not what you want, and that’s completely fine… But in our case, we wanted to pull an all-nighter. Haha!

We made sure we had some good drinks available and had pizza that we made during the game night. It was so cozy! If you don’t feel like buying everything yourself, you can ask your friends to bring the drink they want for the night. Another thing that’s possible is to ask all the guests to bring something for the food, and then make a big buffet with everything.

Pizza and game night

Time to catch up on the latest in life

When you arrange a game night, I would advise you to make sure that nobody has their phone on the table. It’s such a huge distraction. I can promise you that at the end of the night, no one will complain that you asked them to put their phone in their purse or something like that…

When I arranged my game night, we actually got to talk about so much that we maybe would have missed out on, if we were busy checking Instagram or talking about the latest gossip. It felt really good being able to actually talk about what’s up in life. To share a deeper conversation with my closest ones, and get their advice. Sounds like I have a lot of drama going on, but honestly I don’t. But just talking about life, in general, feels good.

Switch it up if you want to

Something that can make a game night a lot of fun, is if you either play different games during the night and maybe collect points during the night. At the end of the night, you’ll have one winner of the game night. I promise it’s a lot of fun. Another thing you can do is to take a classic game and make some extra rules to make it harder, or more fun. Let’s take a Monopoly like we did.

If you want to turn it into a drinking game, you can for example say that each person has to take a sip, if they have to pay up for landing on something… Or if they have to go to jail they have to take a shot. Whatever fits your group, haha! At least with my friends, this is something that would be a lot of fun.

Monopoly Game Night

For me, it was a huge success, and I will do it again soon. Maybe with a different came next time. Will you try arranging a game night or maybe a barbecue is more for you? If that is the case, read about how to arrange one HERE.

– A

Netflix has done it again – Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries is the show on everyone’s lips at the moment. Or well, if it’s not on your lips it should be. Netflix has done it again and created a new show that takes on real stories, that continue to be unsolved. A real gem for true-crime lovers. I will of course not spoil anything about the show here, and try to make an objective recommendation… But I must already admit, I love the show! 

Unbelievable happenings

What I really love about the show is that each episode is so different from the others. Each episode takes on a new unsolved mystery, and each case is crazier than the previous one. To be honest, when I’m watching true-crime I have to make myself not binge it. Binging is so easy with Netflix, haha. It’s scary.

But in this case, I need that time in-between episodes to actually process all the information and really think about it. It’s just so crazy since it’s REAL stories. TRUE crime. I must admit that sometimes it scares me that these kinds of things have actually happened in real life. And what happened never really got figured out. If you on the other hand want a show that you CAN binge, you can read about that by pressing HERE.

netflix series

Almost sad I cannot watch it twice

When it comes to crime shows I always want to watch it all over again when I’ve finished it. The sad thing is that of course, I cannot. “Why not?” You might think… Well because I already know everything that happens and if there is a solution to it, I will remember it. Haha! But my thing is that I love to watch it all over again after a year or two.

Even though I might remember some things while watching it, I don’t care. I enjoy it so much! In addition, when it comes to Unsolved Mysteries, it’s absolutely possible to watch over again sooner, since there is no actual solution to the cases. They’re unsolved. What is really great with Netflix though, is that they have a lot of true-crime shows, so that you can always find another one to watch in between.

netflix police man

It’s kind of scary that these people are real

One thing that I’ve been thinking about after watching both Unsolved Mysteries and other true-crime shows on Netflix, it’s that it’s really crazy that these people that have done these terrible things… Are real. It might be someone in my street, my postman or my friend’s uncle. Ughh. I don’t want to think about it. But luckily most people are nice and would never do anything like that.

That’s also something that Netflix’s shows in their series Unsolved Mysteries since they actually have interviewed so many of those involved. With that, you can hear them tell about all the support they got from their community during a hard time. The support they still get in a lot of cases.

My conclusion is that I love the show, and I really want Netflix to make a second season. Do it Netflix! 

– M

Time to binge-watch: The Good Place

If you’d ask me what I have been doing these last few days, my answer would be Netflix. I have simply been binge-watching a new series that I just discovered. It’s called The Good Place“, and it’s really funny. I want to tell you guys about this show because I think it’s a show that fits most people. It’s really worth giving a shot if you want to watch a comedy series.

A show about something I’m sure we’ve all thought about at least one time in our life…

To break it down easily, the show is set in the afterlife. I’m sure I am not the only one that has caught myself thinking about the afterlife before? Wondering – what reeeally happens? That’s another reason why this series really is great for basically anyone.

There are four main characters, even though I must admit, one is clearly the MAIN one. Haha, isn’t it always like that?! Well, I love it. If you’re one of those people that always check the IMDB score before giving the show or movie a chance: GO AHEAD! I’m one of those as well. That’s why I was so happy to see that The Good Place has a rather high score for being a comedy show.

The Good Place on Netflix

The Good Place has several seasons of fun

Nothing makes me happier than when I find a series that I really like, and then I see that it has several seasons to enjoy! This is luckily the case with The Good Place. It’s four seasons, and 12 and 13 episodes in each season. I feel like it’s such an easy series to watch, and the episodes just go really fast.

All of a sudden I’ve watched 4 episodes in a row, haha. Standard! Unfortunately, it will not be any more seasons coming out, as the show is now finished. But hey, at least it has a good ending. I hate when a show has to be canceled and then not get an ending to the story. So at least in this show it’s thought through and gives it a great ending.


Both big celebrities and up-and-coming actors

I really enjoy that the show has a mix of actors. Some are really well known, like Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and Marc Evan Jackson. Others are more up-and-coming actors like William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto. I might be completely wrong and they’ve acted in tons of stuff, but to me, they were new names. It’s amazing to see how great the main actors work together during the show, and really make each other shine.

I also love how they manage to make a subject that could be really sad and dark, into something funny. Absolutely a big recommendation from me to all of you that enjoy an easy and light series that you can watch for hours. For more inspiration on what to watch, you can read this article.

– A