Raging Stars shopping spree


When we go from summer to autumn, I always feel the need for a shopping spree. Both clothes and products need to be switched out, or at least some of them. I went shopping at Raging Stars because I heard from a friend that they had great prices. They really did, so it’s safe to say that I went kind of crazy for a minute. I will tell you guys all about my shopping spree, and which products I ordered. Hopefully, you’ll like both my post and the products that I ordered from Raging Stars

Not even leaving the couch to shop at Raging Stars

Since Raging Stars is an online store, I did not even have to leave the couch to start shopping. I can sometimes be a bit lazy and not the biggest fan of walking from store to store, so online shopping is perfect for me. Another thing that is a big plus for me is that you can find both beauty and fashion products at Raging Stars, instead of having to go to different online stores. It makes everything so much easier. At least according to me, haha. I had to look around quite a bit to make sure I did not miss anything. They have a lot of categories, and I wanted to take a look at everything. In the end, I think I found some goodies. I will share which ones I got with you today. Please feel free to give me feedback and tell me what you think. 

Shopping at Raging Stars from my couch

Trying to up my skincare game

As you guys might have read already, A posted about her must-have skincare products at the moment. I got quite inspired and decided it’s time to up my own skincare game. Products are something that I have always used, but I have not been the best at following a set routine. I was talking with A about it and she has given me some tips and advice. The products that I purchased at Raging Stars I have used for a bit over a week now, and I am very happy so far. I was told I should wait at least a month before judging a product since the skin uses about a month to get used to a product. So I will give it a month and later decide if I am 100 % happy or not. But so far I only have good things to say. We will see how it evolves, but I’m optimistic. 

Giving my skin the hydration it needs

In general, I try to avoid my skin aging. A simple step to avoid this is by giving it moisture. Every autumn my skin gets pretty dry, so because of that, I got recommended to add a hyaluronic acid serum to my skincare routine. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in our bodies, but it decays as we get older. Because of that, it’s a great idea to supply that to your skin from your mid-twenties, to avoid early signs of aging. I have been using the Babaria Hyaluronic Acid Serum for a week now, and I notice a big difference in my skin actually. It feels like it’s much more bouncy and the dry spots I had earlier have now disappeared. I had never tried Babaria earlier, but after seeing it at Raging Stars I decided to give it a shot. 

The skincare products I purchased at Raging Stars

Switching out the night cream with a face mask

During the day I use the moisturizer from L’Oréal called “Age Perfect Golden Age”. It has SPF 20, and because of that, it’s perfect for everyday use. It’s important to not forget that we still get UV-rays on our skin even though there’s less sun than in the summer. That is one of the reasons why I always try to make sure my day cream has SPF in it. During the night I’ve actually switched out my night cream with a hydrating mask. I put on a thin layer before going to bed and sleep with it all night. The next day I just use my cleanser to wash off in case there’s anything left on my skin. I really like being able to boost my skin like that during the night, and I feel like it helps my skin heal and builds itself up again. Thanks, Raging Stars! 

The skin around the eyes is precious

The eye area has very thin skin. It’s important to take extra good care of the skin in that area, and because of that, I use an eye cream from L’Occitane. It also includes hyaluronic acid, as I mentioned to you guys earlier, and really helps to improve both the look and feel of the eye area. I sometimes struggle with puffy eyes and dark circles, and this cream is working to avoid that, which makes me very happy. Let us hope that I have the same feeling in a month when I’ve tried it a bit more. I am very happy to see that Raging Stars has a lot of great brands and products for the skin. I have heard so many great things about this eye cream so I cannot wait to use it even more. My eyes are loving it so far. 

My eye

Don’t forget about your body

The typical thing after a long summer is to forget about the skin on the body. I for one apply sunscreen and aftersun almost every day but forget about my dry legs when autumn is here. Because of that, I purchased the Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Body Milk and will be using that to keep my skin smooth all autumn and winter. It’s kind of strange that I just forget about it in autumn when my skin gets soooo dry and actually in a way needs it more. In addition to using body milk, I use a nice body scrub on my whole body once a week. It really helps me keep my skin moisturized and avoid dry spots. 

Making sure my makeup stays flawless these colder days

I usually update my makeup bag as the weather changes and get colder. It’s because as I mentioned before I struggle a bit with dry spots and this tends to mess up my makeup as well unless I make sure to apply more moisture to my face in my makeup routine as well. I try to avoid too many powdered products and keep on using my liquid products, as they tend to keep my skin nicer. The one I’ve been using a lot is the Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation, which also includes hyaluronic acid. I dab it on with a sponge and the result is great. If I feel the need for concealer, I use the Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer just in the necessary areas. I don’t do it every day, but depending on what my plans are, I put it on. For example, now that Christmas is creeping on closer each day… There are dinners, parties, and a lot of fun happenings that make it even more important to have flawless makeup. 

I am ready for Christmas parties

A couple of new pieces of clothing in my closet

I had to purchase some clothing while I was at it. Raging Stars has a lot of amazing brands, so I got tempted. I got a new pair of jeans and a jacket that is perfect for fall. I also purchased two different dresses and look forward to using them at Christmas dinners and also on different occasions before that. Hopefully, I’ll have an event or two before December, haha. Me and the girls usually do a Christmas dinner every year and we do the Secret Santa game. So much fun. This year it’s actually my year hosting it, and I really look forward to it. It’s so great spending time with my best friends, at a special event of the year – not just everyday life. I really enjoy it, and my countdown has started already. 

I am so happy with the goodies I got from Raging Stars

All in all, I am very happy with the products I purchased at Raging Stars, and how the whole process was super easy. I loved that I could do it all in one process, as it was possible to find both my skincare, makeup, and fashion items at their online store. It made the process so much faster since I found everything in one place. I look forward to trying the products even more than what I’ve done already. Maybe I’ll try ordering some other products next time around, depending on how happy I am with the result from these ones in the long run. I want to know if you guys have tried any of these products before, and in that case what you think about the products? Tell me what you guys think about my shopping spree at Raging Stars! 

– M

I got a WildXBeauty gift box filled with beauty products

Looking at my WildXBeauty gift box

Browsing online I noticed a great offer that I just had to take part in. I could get a WildXBeauty gift box with several beauty products for free, by becoming a member of their club. I absolutely wanted the nice gift box from WildXBeauty, so I was very tempted to say yes… And in the end, I did. I will tell you guys all about my experience and what I think about the WildXBeauty gift box. In addition, I have made a mini-review of the products I got in the box. 

It started with a Facebook AD…

I noticed the WildXBeauty gift box while I was looking through my Facebook feed. It was the Max Factor gift box that dragged me in and made me tempted. The products from Max Factor are just great in general. The quality is very good, and I’ve always been happy with the products that I’ve tried before. Max Factor is a brand that I’ve known of since forever… The quality is common knowledge, and I’ve really noticed it myself. Because of that, I was tempted by the Max Factor gift box. I have previously purchased things via Facebook ads and I haven’t had any problems with it. So it felt good to get this welcome offer from WildXBeauty, which they offer to all new members of their club. I read through what it meant to be a member and decided to go for it. 

Max Factor gift box

A lot of gift boxes to choose from

Before deciding on the Max Factor gift box, I wanted to take a look at my options. It turns out that if you’re eligible for a WildXBeauty gift box you can choose from more than 50 different ones. That’s amazing! After looking at the different gift boxes I am sure that WildXBeauty has a gift box for everyone. My top 3 gift boxes that they have is the Garnier gift box, the Sunny gift box, and the Max Factor gift box. In the end, what I ended up with was the Max Factor gift box. I really want to try all of the products in that gift box, and when I can get it for free, I’m not gonna say no to that. I will share all about my thoughts and opinions about the products in the gift box, and the concept of getting a free gift box in general.

My final choice, and getting it in the mail

Like I told you guys already, I ended up choosing the WildXBeauty gift box with the Max Factor products. It was very easy, and thanks to the gift card code that I got from WildXBeauty, I could get the gift box for free. The only thing I had to pay was the delivery costs. In my opinion, that’s a great offer, as I know the price of these products is much higher than the delivery that I had to pay. All in all, something I really feel like is worth it. It did not take long to get it home, and in less than a week I had my WildXBeauty gift box filled with lovely products. I decided that it would be fun to do a mini-review so that I could tell all of you guys about it. So here you have it – my honest opinions and thoughts about the products that I got in the WildXBeauty gift box

The items in my gift box

The Dark Magic Mascara from the WildXBeauty gift box gave me lashes for days

I had never tried the Dark Magic Mascara from Max Factor, but I’ve tried other mascaras from the brand earlier. I knew that I’ve been happy with the result on my lashes in general after trying different ones, so I was eager to try this one. Well, as I already mentioned, I got lashes for days. It’s my new favorite mascara. It gave a great volume effect and the brush was very easy to work with. The result is pitch black, and stunning only after one application. There’s a big problem if the mascara smudge during the day, and luckily it was not the case with this one. I actually went to work out in the afternoon while wearing it, and still – no smudging. I have been using it for a week now and I am super happy. I’ve still not had a smudging incident! 

Lipfinity Lipstick for long-lasting color

When I saw that the Lipfinity Lipstick can last up to 24 hours I was intrigued. The question was… Does it last up to 24 hours if you don’t drink or eat anything at all? I had to test my theory. I drink at least one cup of coffee during the day, as well as a lot of water. Normally my lipstick will NOT last through my cup of coffee, so this was my test. And guess what? It was good even after my cup of coffee. I applied the moisturizing coat after just because I felt like it, but the color was still perfect. If you don’t already know, the Lipfinity Lipstick has two different parts to it. You apply the color first, with a lip gloss applicator. Very easy. After that, you put on the moisturizing coat to lock in the color. It works great! 

Lipfinity Lipstick Coffee test

The Miracle Glow Duo makes my skin pop

Trying out the Miracle Glow Duo from the WildXBeauty gift box, I had no expectations what so ever. I have not tried a duo like that before, but it was super easy to use. I have rarely used a creamy highlighter, but I have to say that I like it. It was easy to blend it nicely into my foundation, and the result was really great. I found out that if I wanted an even stronger highlight effect I can just take a powdered highlighter on top to accentuate it even more. Perfect if I’m going to a party for example. The matte illuminator is really nice under the eyes and between the eyebrows. On the other hand, the one with shimmer is great on the cheekbones for example. Also, I love to put it on my collarbones as well, if I’m wearing an off-shoulder top. 

The blush in the WildXBeauty gift box gave me the perfect touch of pink

I am always looking for the perfect blush. Mainly this is because I feel like if you wear a blush in pink you get a different look if you wear a peachy blush. Because of that, I love to try different ones and check out which ones can make me look the best in this or that outfit, etc. The blush I got in my WildXBeauty gift box was in the color Berries. As you probably can imagine, it’s in a beautiful pink color. I’ve learned not to use too much blush, and it can give a really nice touch of color to your makeup look. The whole contouring of the face can make it a bit “pale” since you only try to hide and accentuate different parts, so the blush can give the face some life. I like it. 

My makeup table

Honey Laquer Lip Gloss is the gloss of my dreams with many great features

In my WildXBeauty gift box, I got a Honey Laquer Lip Gloss. I must say that it’s one of the best glosses that I’ve ever used. It has the color of a lipstick, but the shine of a lip gloss. In addition to that, it leaves your lips as smooth as a lip balm, which is perfect for colder days. I really like the result it gives me. It’s the gloss that I’ll always have in my purse, as it can take my outfit from casual to glam after applying it. I love to have the option of just putting on some makeup and change up my look. In general, my outfits consist of basic colors, and thanks to that it’s perfect to add on some color on my lips. 

My final thoughts about the WildXBeauty gift box

After receiving the WildXBeauty gift box and testing all the products a few times, I must say that I am very happy with it. The products have high quality and I loved that I could choose not only this gift box but also different ones if I would have wanted that. The welcome offer is great, and the whole process was very easy. I knew after reading through the terms and conditions that by ordering this gift box I became a member of the WildXBeauty club. I don’t mind, and I will try being a member for a period of time, and see how it is. They have stated that I can leave the club at any time, so I don’t feel any stress in regard to it. I will let you guys know later how it is being a member. But at least the WildXBeauty gift box was great.

– B

MadFeelings review – my experience

Online shopping at MadFeelings

I have tested the services of MadFeelings and wanted to make my own MadFeelings review to share my experience with all of you. Shopping, fashion, and beauty are things that I love. Exactly because of that, this page was intriguing to me. I always try to share my experiences with others, and try to make sure to share all sides of the experience. So welcome to my MadFeelings review.

Discovering MadFeelings through a Facebook AD

The way that I discovered MadFeelings was through an ad on Facebook. I have had good experiences with companies I have found through Facebook ads before, so I was happy to take a look. They were offering a free gift box for all new members, and I was intrigued. I always make sure to read through the terms and conditions before I sign up for anything. We all know we don’t want to go in any trap. As a member of the club, you will get gift cards each month, which sounds very cool to me.

MadFeelings review after seeing AD on Facebook

Choosing my gift box

The next step except signing up was to choose my gift box. They had a big selection of gift boxes, so it was actually a bit hard to choose. The products that I’d get for free are actually really great… Because of that, I wanted to make sure I chose the best gift box possible. I ended up with the Maybelline gift box since that is a brand I’m thrilled with. I recognized some products that I’m already fond of, as well as a couple of new ones. That is a big plus when it comes to my MadFeelings review.

The Maybelline Gift Box

The favorites that I use on an everyday basis

Lash Sensational Mascara is one of my all-time favorite mascaras. The way my lashes turn out after using this is fantastic. They give volume without feeling heavy on the lashes, and without smudging. The worst thing I know is wearing mascara and after an hour or two, look like some kind of animal… That’s luckily not the case with this one. I’ve been using it for over a year now, so I’m not gonna say no to get it for free. In addition, the Master Holographic Highlighter is fantastic. Use a fan brush and the result is amazing. It’s also very beautiful to use it highlighting the collarbones if you wear an off-shoulder top. The result can either be SUPER glowy, or more natural. 

The eyeshadow palette that has it all takes my MadFeelings review to the next level

Maybelline has created the perfect palette with eyeshadows. The Blushed Nudes Palette is the one I need in my life. Seeing that MadFeelings has this palette, I was really impressed. It’s clear to me that MadFeelings has really reviewed the brands they work with, and chosen the best products. The combination of products in this gift box will take both my everyday makeup and my party looks to the next level. I am so happy that I chose it. I don’t know about you guys, but Maybelline is a brand that I feel has been existing forever. The fact that MadFeelings has them as one of the brands they are working with is a plus for my review. With this eyeshadow palette, I can create perfect daytime looks. The other great thing is that it has darker colors that make it excellent for a party-look as well.

Smokey eyes

Perfect complexion combining two new products

When it comes to skin, I always love to have a perfect complexion. We all have days where that’s just not possible, but I try as much as I can. I’ve heard great things about the Dream Satin Liquid Foundation from Maybelline, so to see that MadFeelings has that in the gift box, is amazing. I love to apply foundation with a sponge, as that gives the best result in my opinion. One way to get a very natural glowy look is to apply a liquid highlighter that blends perfectly with the foundation. I have another sponge for that, and I make sure to not apply too much. The Master Strobing Liquid gives a very natural look. If I want to accentuate it more, I use the powdered highlighter on top of it. That’s a really great tip if you want that highlight to pop!

Getting an overview to make my MadFeelings review

I wanted to make a MadFeelings review that can give all of you a feel of the whole store. Because of that, I made sure to take a look at the whole store, to see what this was all about. As I mentioned earlier, you become a member of the club when you sign up for the welcome offer. Because of that, it was relevant to me to check out what I could get as a member.

Not every day you see an online store offer entertainment services

Something that made me very excited was that MadFeelings offers entertainment services, without you having to sign up for a subscription with the different entertainment channels. Realizing that I can get one month of free subscription to some of the most popular magazines that I really love, made me extremely happy. The whole concept of filling up on inspiration from different magazines is something I really enjoy. I often do this during vacation days, but I want to spend more time doing that during the rest of the year.

MadFeelings has a great selection of magazines

Music and podcasts to fill up my busy days

One thing that I loved to see was that some of the entertainment services that MadFeelings offers for you to try and review if it’s something you wish to continue with, opened my door to a lot of different music and podcast options. Castro Plus is a genius service that allows you to listen to several podcasts whenever you want. Lately, I have been hooked on podcasts, because you can listen to so many different themes. I love it! So I will absolutely try some of the music and podcast options that they have. Maybe I should have done that before making my MadFeelings review, but I was too eager to share it with you. I can give you guys a follow up when I’ve tested some of the entertainment services. I’ll share my favorites with you.

Checking out several categories before my MadFeelings review

This whole MadFeelings review started with me ordering the Maybelline gift box. As I earlier mentioned I saw in the terms and conditions that I became a member if I chose their welcome offer which was the free gift box. Since you can cancel at any time I felt like I might as well try out being a member. If it turns out that I don’t want to be it anymore, I’ll just cancel my membership, easy as pie. I took a look at their perfumes and fashion items, to complete my review.

My favorite parfume

My favorite perfumes at an extremely affordable price

Recognizing some of my favorite brands when I am thinking about perfumes, made me very happy. I loved to see that they have perfumes from Burberry, Chanel, Loewe, Marc Jacobs, and Prada. What surprised me was the prices. I know from previous experience that the prices of these brands can be something a tad unaffordable sometimes. But seeing that MadFeelings has my favorite scents at almost half price made me so so happy. 

The best fashion brands and the best quality

When I shop I try to make sure that I choose brands that are environmentally friendly and of high quality. I’d rather purchase a fashion item that is a bit more expensive but knowing that the quality is great. When it comes to chill everyday wear I love Adidas. I love the sporty look that I can wear just to hang out, or if I actually will do sports, haha. Guess has a lot of beautiful pieces that I really want. I love that they have such timeless pieces! Not to mention Levi’s! Their jeans are to die for. All of you that have tried a pair of jeans from Levi’s will agree.

The last words of my MadFeelings review

I hope that all of you have enjoyed my review of MadFeelings. I tried to comment on different aspects of the online store, and I hope that my opinions can be of help. Since it is a new store I look forward to seeing it develop and also testing how it is benefiting from the membership with them. Like I mentioned earlier I would love to get back to you guys at a later point with a review on certain aspects of the online store, when I have tried it out a bit more. All in all I have been very happy with my experience so far, and I think the whole process was pretty easy. So that concludes my MadFeelings review, and I give it a 10/10 so far!  

– A

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen wishes to change the shopping experience and behavior online


Shopping is something we all know and love. We have all browsed the internet for the next thing on our wishlist. The great thing about the big old internet is that it makes everything much more accessible than before when it was not possible to order online. When I noticed the way Michael Ginnerskov Jensen wants to change the shopping experience I was immediately intrigued. I had to look deeper into him and what he will do.

A new experience with memberships

I don’t know about the other girls, but I have never experienced an online store where I could become a member and get even better offers than originally. The prices on Michael Ginnerskov Jensen’s online store are already great! The plus here is that as a member of the online store club, you get access to even more exclusive products at better prices. I haven’t told the other girls about this yet, but I will… I found several favorites at the online store already. Or well, I guess they will read it here as well! Come to think of it, I think B tried something similar, if not the same. I will have to go back to the blog and read about it later. 

Makeup favorites at Michael Ginnerskov Jensen online store

Allowing myself to shop without feeling bad

We all spend money on a lot of unnecessary things during a month. And sometimes the money I spent buying a sandwich since I did not bring lunch to the office, is something I’d rather spend on a skincare product or a new fashion item. If I do both, I catch myself feeling bad sometimes. Thanks to the club membership on the online store of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, I get automatically charged money each month. After being charged I get a gift card sent on email, and I can use it on the exclusive section of the store. They have makeup, clothing, shoes, purses… It’s just perfect for me! And I don’t have to feel bad.

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is the first man I’ve heard doing this

I’m not an expert at all, but I must admit that I’ve never heard about this concept before. The concept of being in a club and receiving gift cards to shop for. I like it a lot. As far as I understand it’s not necessary to stay a member for a certain amount of time. This is a big plus for me, in case I don’t want to anymore. Or maybe I need a break for a month or two. Because of that, I really like that it’s up to me. I think it’s great that Michael Ginnerskov Jensen lets the customers decide for themselves.

Me shopping

Something that’s genius during Christmas time

Knowing that Christmas is getting closer or closer per day, makes this club so genius. I will be able to get great gifts for all of my family members without breaking the bank. Giving gifts that are appreciated is very important to me. I want them to see that I have thought it through. The online store and concept of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen will definitely help me through this years Christmas shopping. I will advise my girls to do the same.

– E

How to get plump and bigger lips in a natural way!

Get plump and bigger lips!

Have you ever wished for bigger lips? Without having to contact a surgeon or getting injections. I honestly will have to admit that I have. That is why I have tried different trips and tricks throughout my years. These are the ones that actually work, and are worth doing. It’s not hard and only takes a couple of minutes. Okay, fine, I won’t end up with a Kim Kardashian pout, but i’ll still see a difference, and that’s good enough for me! And, it’s free! The only things you actually need are your favorite lipstick, a lip gloss, a lip liner and simple contouring skills! Let’s make magic! 

One of the most important things to remember is to moisturize

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I can’t say it enough! If you want your makeup to look flawless you can’t have dry and chapped lips. If they are really dry I would advise you to use a light scrub. You can do this in a really simple way! Just use a wet cloth and rub this softly over your lips.

Tips for bigger lips

You should also use a good and moisturizing lip balm in your daily life. This will keep your lips from drying out or becoming chapped. At the moment I’m completely hooked on this one, smells so good and does wonders for my lips! If your dry lips are really bad, place a good amount of this lip balm on your lips before bedtime and let it work its magic overnight. Usually, I have to do this during the winter months. The cold and crisp air is not good for the sensitive skin on your lips, luckily there are good procuts like this out there to help. 

Lip liner is essential for bigger and more plump lips! 

It’s important to be precise when choosing a lip liner. You should never choose one that is too dark in comparison to your lips. Just a tad darker than the lipstick you’re going to be using. Apply the lip liner around the outlines of your lips, never above. I know how tempting this could be, and how easy it is to think this will make my lips look bigger. Don’t fall for the trap! Just apply it on the outlines of your upper and lower lip, avoiding the corners. 

Your lipstick should be a shade lighter than your lipliner. 

This will help add volume. Finish it off by adding some lip gloss. This will give you a bit of shine, making your mouth more reflective. This gives the illusion of bigger lips. And who doesn’t want that? If you prefer a more natural look, THIS might be the perfect read for you! 

Get bigger lips

As a last touch, contour yourself to bigger lips! 

To give yourself a professional finish, add some highlighter. You can apply the highlighter above your upper lip. If you don’t have a highlighter, a good tip is to use a white or bright eye shadow. Hope you liked my tips! Voilà! It’s that easy!


– M

My must have skincare products at the moment!

skin roller

As you guys know by now, I really care about taking care of my skin. I use a lot of products, but at the same time I also try out a lot of new products often… It’s just so much fun! I thought I’d make a post about my favorite products at the moment. Maybe we share some favorites? Or maybe you have some products that you can recommend me! 

I can never get enough moisture

Something that is really important for my skin, and for me to keep my skin bouncy, is hydration. If my skin is dry, I can just forget about looking good. Because of that, I always have a lot of products on my shelf that focuses on hydration. If you are a newbie when it comes to skincare, read my post about skincare 101 HERE. Something that I love doing is putting a super hydrating mask on me, right before I go to bed. I then sleep with the mask all night and wake up with a super plump face that is sooo hydrated. I love it! It’s just such an easy way to do it.

At the moment my favorite hydrating mask is from Origins. They have an overnight mask with avocado which I simply adore. Really recommendable. If you want to read about why you should sleep with a mask at night from someone else’s perspective, you can do that HERE.

My favorite products

One of the most potent products I have

Another one of my favorite products is the glow toner from PIXI Beauty. It has 5% glycolic acid, which really helps clean my pores. I notice a BIG difference from before I started using this toner, after cleansing my face. I use it morning and night after I’ve cleansed my face. It leaves my skin feeling really good. Another positive thing with this toner is that I feel like my makeup simply is prettier when I apply it after this. I don’t know if it’s because of the natural glow I get from within, or if it’s because the canvas (my face, haha) is so prepped and clean. Probably a mix of both.

Effortless brows with great products

Benefit Cosmetics is a brand I just love when it comes to brow products. After I discovered the brow pencil that they call “precisely, my brow” eyebrow pencil, I’ve been hooked. The pencil has such a thin tip that it lets me fill in my brows with a very natural result. I can actually draw on hairs, on the areas where I lack it. I couldn’t be happier! In addition, which also is one of the reasons for it being one of my favorites… It’s smudge-proof up until 12 hours. That really makes my days easier! Not having to worry about my brows, haha.

eyebrow products

Sharing our favorites with each other

I really enjoy the opportunity of sharing my favorite products with you guys. And that you guys actually can respond and give us feedback here on this blog! So much fun! Please let me know, have you guys tried out one or more of my favorites before? What do you think? Do you have any other favorites that you think I should try? I look forward to hearing about them. As you know by now, I just love to try new things, so I’m very open for it!

– A

Effortless hair – the messy bun

Products for the bun

One of my favorite things to do with my hair if I just want it out of my face is a messy bun. I love the effortless look it makes. As if I have used no time what so ever. I can make it more polished if I want to, but I actually prefer it to be rather messy. 

The bun that needs (almost) no products

When I make my messy bun, I rarely use a lot of products. I wash with a shampoo and conditioner that I got recommended by my hairdresser. They are perfect for my hair, which tends to be a bit dry. I also do a mask once a week.

Except for the products I use in the shower, I don’t use a lot in my hair. Some dry shampoo if necessary, and some saltwater spray if I want a beachy look… That’s more for the summer though. I love that I can mix it up however I feel like it. If you want to read about how to achieve a “no makeup” makeup look, you can press HERE.

shampoo for hair

Hair that looks like you used no time on it, in a good way

Something that I find great about the bun, is that it looks like I spent very little time on it. Because of that, I always get a lot of compliments on my hair. My friends always say that I’m so blessed with naturally good-looking hair… What they don’t know (until now, haha) is that I actually spend quite some time on it. In addition to the products I’ve mentioned earlier, I try to avoid damaging my hair. I make sure to airdry it…

That’s actually something I recommend for the messy bun. You don’t need perfectly blow-dried hair for that, haha. If you are insecure about how to do it, check out a helpful Youtube video HERE. Another thing I do is that I rarely use heating tools on it. If I want wavy hair I braid my hair when it’s still damp, and sleep with the braids… The following day I have perfect waves. The only thing needed is to drag my fingers through my hair.

Not the best hairdo on all occasions

I must admit that the messy bun is not something to do if you want to look polished or really exquisite… It’s supposed to look like you’ve spent no time. It’s perfect for a day in the park, or a hike. In addition to that, it’s great for a beach day or a movie night. Any time you want to be relaxed.

If I have plans where I need to look more polished, I prefer to have my hair all-natural. Another possibility is to make the bun super tight and not messy at all. Then you can also use a lot of product to make it sit, and give it kind of a wet-look finish as well.

bun hair

Tell me about your favorite thing to do with your hair! 

– E

“No makeup” Makeup look

Makeup blush

I’m not one of those girls that like to use tons of makeup. My favorite look has a natural result, even though I love to apply different products. I will tell you how I achieve my “no makeup” makeup look. I am very happy with this look. 

Making sure the products match your skin tone

The most important thing if you want to achieve a natural result when it comes to makeup, is to make sure the color of the product actually matches your skin tone. This can sometimes be hard, but if you need help I would advise you to just ask the (hopefully) lovely lady in the shop to try some colors on you.

When you find your perfect match, the result will be so much better. My favorite makeup product to achieve this look is a bb cream. It melts into your skin and gives you a healthy glow. There are types with SPF as well, who I strongly advise you to wear especially during the summer. If you are interested in learning how you can get a really nice glow, you can read about that HERE.

Natural makeup

Trying and failing – and learning

When I first started playing around with this type of makeup look, I made several mistakes. But now I finally have achieved something I’m happy with. If you want some more tips you can read those HERE. I have mentioned to you already that the bb cream is my favorite when it comes to getting a natural result… But I love using a mattifying powder in my t-zone as well.

I tend to get a bit oily in my skin during the day, but this powder helps me keep that in check. Remember to not use too much, and only where you need it. In my eyes, I normally just use some simple mascara. I love those mascaras that just really elongates your lashes. My final trick is to take a bit of blush in my cheeks, to give my face a bit of life. Also, remember to brush your brows with a bit of clear brow gel. And that is my recipe for the perfect “no makeup” makeup look.

Powder makeup

Makeup should be fun

The number one rule when it comes to makeup is that there are no rules. That is something that I truly love about playing around with makeup. It’s never wrong. Do you want a super natural look, a “no makeup” makeup look… One that I normally prefer? Or do you want to go for a crazy eyeshadow and colorful lips? Strong contouring? That’s amazing as well!

I love that it allows us to show our personalities, and accent our moods. At the same time, I just want to mention that there is no shame in wearing no makeup at all, as well. Those who prefer that are as beautiful as those who want to wear some or a lot. No matter what you choose, you are beautiful. And the only limit to what you can do is your fantasy!

– E

Skincare 101 – it’s really not that hard

Skincare products

One thing that is extremely important to me, is that my skin looks good. I’ve always cared about it, and because of that I have an extensive skincare routine. But honestly, it does not have to be hard at all. And you don’t need all the products I use. In this post, I will tell you all about a bit of basic skincare. Skincare 101 if you want. Hope you’ll like it.

Keep it simple

First of all, I completely understand that if you have no experience with skincare or using products from before, it’s easy to become a bit scared when you see someone do a 10-step routine. Don’t worry! That will not be what I’ll recommend to you, haha. First of all, depending on where you stand, this post might not be for you.

If you are a skincare junkie like me, this will probably be too simple and boring for you. And if it is, I apologize, but you’re already at the next level so you should just be happy.

skincare cream

The basic necessities when it comes to skincare

  • Step number one, every morning and every night before you go to bed… Cleanse! It’s so important. If you don’t have a good cleanser, or if you have one that’s not great for your skin type, fix it! Everyone needs to have a good cleanser. It’s the number one step to great skin.
  • Step number two, moisturize. Get a good moisturizer, again, one that goes well with your skin type. If you’re not sure about it you can either talk with a professional or try to take a test HERE.

The products over are the ones you honestly HAVE to have. No doubt about it. In addition, it’s very important to take care of your skin and use SPF during the day. Summer or winter. The last product I want you to include is an exfoliator. A scrub if you want to call it that.

Find an exfoliator that you like for your skin, but be careful if you’re of the sensitive type. The exfoliator I want you to use 1-2 times a week. Make sure you don’t over-do it with that one. With these four products, you’ll have a great skincare routine.

The daily routine for great skin

In the end, I just want to tell you all that it does not have to be so complicated. Just drinking water and getting enough sleep goes a looong way. Try it and you’ll see. In addition to those things, your diet and what you put in your mouth can affect the skin a lot.

If you have problems with breakouts, take a look at your diet first. Maybe avoid dairy, or reduce the amount. The same goes for sugar… If you want to read a great recipe for some yummy healthy food, you can press HERE. These things that you just do on a daily basis, is in its own way skincare.

– A

Bronze goddess – get that glow girl


Lately, I’ve been completely hooked on that typical gorgeous bronze look. I just love the tanned look, without it being too much. Simply just getting that GLOW! I will share with you my latest tips and tricks to get a perfect glow for the summer.

Natural and confident glow on the body

Something that I really like is the natural glow that a dry oil can give you. It’s just so subtle but nice. Every time I am doing something special, I am making sure to put on dry oil on my legs and arms. Basically, everything that will show. And I promise you, I always get compliments for my glow!

Another thing that is very positive is that it really moisturizes the body and goes deep into the skin, which I love. It doesn’t get that sticky feeling. I guess it makes sense that skin that is moisturized has a healthy glow… But I get surprised about the result every time, haha. So me! 

 Glow Oil

Sunkissed face

On my face, I loooove using a bronzing powder, but always making sure it’s not too much… The best thing about bronzers is that there are so many different types of existing. I love that you find both matte powder and powder with shimmer.

There are also versions with subtle glitter that gives you a highlighting effect. I usually like to wear a powder that has a matte finish, and then another one with a bit of shimmer in my cheeks. It gives you the perfect combination and perfect glow. I’ve learned the hard way that too much shimmer can look really crazy, haha.

It was E who told me “enough is enough” that one time I came looking like a disco ball. And well, I did. And that’s what friends are for. Helping you out when you look like sh*t and can’t see it yourself. Haha, I love you, E!

Bronze glow

Glow is not necessarily the same as tan – even though I love my tan

Something I’ve learned during the years is that having a nice glow does not necessarily mean being tan. A person that hasn’t seen the sun in forever can also have a natural glow. I really envy those who have that, as I feel like I don’t get that result naturally.

My girl A told me it’s all about skincare. So I guess I have to just become better at following my skincare routine. A made a little post about skincare as she is very interested in that, so if you want to read it you can press HERE. Right now I’m a bit lazy since it’s summer and I try to just keep it light and that everything should go fast… But soon… Soon I will try to start taking better care of my skin.

What is your favorite product when it comes to GLOW? Any recommendations you want to give me?

– B