Earth Hour: one hour to protect the planet

Earth hour for the planet

Do you care about the planet as much as we do? Do you, too, think that we are destroying our natural environment and wish to help? This Saturday 27th of March, at 8:30 pm, join us and the rest of the world for Earth Hour. This is something absolutely anyone can do, anywhere. Spread the word, make an impact and speak up for the planet! In this article, I explain to you why it is so important and what you can do to help.

What exactly is Earth Hour?

Created by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Earth Hour is an international movement. It usually takes place on the last Saturday of March, around equinox day, when the day is as long as the night. In 2021, the date is Saturday, March 27. So, how does it work? It is very simple. The only thing you have to do is to switch off your lights! And that’s it! At 8:30 pm, everyone around the world is invited to go black and leave all the electric devices. Why don’t you take out of the closet some table games, candles and enjoy your evening like we did before the internet and Netflix arrived? According to WWF, this is “a moment millions come together for nature, people and the planet“.

Why should you take part?

earth hour turn off the lights

You are going to say, what is the point of Earth Hour? What does WWF aim to do with this action? By cutting all your electric activity, the goal is a global rise of awareness of the climate crisis. To protect the forests, the rivers, the seas… We want to put the spotlight on our planet, the climate issues, the destruction of the environment, and global warming. Because of the world health crisis we have confronted in 2020, we have the proof that WE can change the world, individually. The Earth Hour is a way to connect people from all over the world, at the same time, in the same fight, and feel united like ever, such as international women’s rights day.

What else can you do?

Of course, the planet will be forever grateful if you take part in Earth Hour. It is the first step to a bigger fight, and it means you are concerned about the future. But we strongly encourage you to do more! In 2021, WWF will post a video on the night of the 27th of March. Please share it on all the social networks, with your friends and family! You can also attend an event (most of them will be online this year), learn more about nature and climate, or even sign online petitions.

So, are you going to be part of Earth Hour this year? This is something very easy to do, but with a huge impact on the planet, to let it breathe for at least one hour. Do not hesitate to go on their website to know more about the movement, and join millions of people. Show politics that WE care and that they must take action now!

– B

Galentine’s Day is the new Valentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day New Valentine’s Day

Traditionally, the month of love is focused on February 14th – Valentine’s Day. Yet nobody seems to get excited about Galentine’s Day. What is Galentine’s Day I hear you ask yourself? We’ll get on to that, don’t worry. I am here asking myself why should couples have a day that they get to celebrate the love they have for each other, whilst I can feel as much love for my friends but we don’t celebrate that? Well, I have fantastic news, we now have February the 13th to celebrate exactly that.

When, by who, and how did Galentine’s Day begin?

So many questions! Essentially, Galentine’s Day is a made-up holiday that first featured on the American sitcom television series, Parks and Recreation. One of the main personalities, Leslie Knope, wants to appreciate the love that she has for her female friends. The famous quote for the episode follows that: “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style’. From that moment on, I idolized Leslie Knope.

While Leslie prepared a bunch of waffles for her friends, the beauty of Galentine’s Day is that it doesn’t follow the stereotype of Valentine’s Day. There is no pressure to go to eat in a fancy restaurant, or post an Instagram photo of the biggest bunch of flowers, etc. By all means, celebrate the day however you ladies wish! Take some inspiration from our New Year’s Eve party suggestions. Alternatively, follow Leslie’s style by eating some waffles and wash them down with a cocktail made from our cocktail masterclass. In any event, what’s important is to do something that you love with the people you hold most dearly. Below, I want to share with you some of my and the girl’s ideas for this year’s Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day Friends Night In

A girly night in sounds like a wonderful idea

For me & the girls, there is no better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day than to have a girl night in. Including all of the things that we love! Chick-flicks, wine, face masks, manicures, listening to a Spotify playlist from back in the day, & dancing like nobody’s watching. After all, these girls appreciate me for who I am, no one is judging here. Me and the girls are more than friends. We are our own little gang, who appreciated one another for who we genuinely are. Galentine’s Day celebrates exactly that.

Galentine’s Day Gift Exchange

Secret gift exchange – Galentine’s Day style

As previously mentioned, this is no Valentine’s Day. Hence, there is no pressure to buy the most expensive gift for your loved one. Instead, we have decided to do a secret gift exchange. Think of it like Secret Santa. We all have a budget of how much we want to spend, and we put our 4 names into a bowl and pick one out. Whichever name you pick out, will be the person who you will buy a present for. Simple, easy, & yet full of surprises!

To mention a few of the surprises/shocks I have received before, include everything from personalised clothing with the girl’s face on, to beautiful pieces of jewelry, to pajamas, to some other things which I dare not mention here. Regardless, this is all the fun of it! If you are thinking of trying it out with your friends, look no further than Cosmopolitan’s 10 Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

– A

Winter activities for you and your friends

Winter Activities Friends

The winter months can be very cold for all of us. Consequently, we tend to spend more time indoors rather than brave the cold. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to waste our time as we have nothing better to do. That’s why I have rounded up some of our favourite winter pastimes to share with you.

Movie marathon

We are all so lucky that we have an abundance of films & series available at our fingertips. Between me and the girls, we have access to Apple TV, Amazon Prime video, & the almighty Netflix. For the most part, we never struggle to find something to watch as we have so much choice…it’s fantastic! What we love to do is have a night in at home and binge-watch either a series or movie sequel. Even if the series isn’t the best we have ever seen, we at least get to enjoy each other’s company. One series that I highly recommend is The Good Place on Netflix. A light-hearted feel-good comedy that will never fail to make you laugh.

Winter Activities Movie Marathon

Treat yourself to some winter delights

For one thing, being at home more often is wonderful to use as an excuse to binge-watch tv in your pajamas. For another, use your time at home to reuse the baking trays that you have lying at the back of your cupboards. Blow off the dust and put on your chef’s hat. Winter is a time that we all over-indulge, so make the most of it! Bake some cookies, and later enjoy the most deliciously crisp, golden brown treats that you can be proud of. Me and the girls love to bake our own individual batch of cookies and then decide which of them is the best. Why is everything always a competition with us?

Winter Activities Baking Cookies

Of course, to accompany the treats, we naturally need to have a nice warm mug of hot chocolate to wash them down with. Yet again, another blessing to the colder winter nights. If you wish to make your already sickeningly sweet beverage even more delicious, add some whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate sprinkles to the top. A masterpiece! In the same way, if you would rather ditch the hot drinks and bring a little more fun to your evening, mix your own cocktails. In this case, the more friends you invite, the more cocktails you can try out!

Baby, it’s cold outside

On the positive side of winter, we have stunning weather. Embrace the feeling of wrapping up warm with multiple layers of clothing, your warm woolies, & head outside to make the most of this weather that we only experience once a year. Firstly, take a hike through the forest or in your closest nature park. After that, return home, light the fire, and relax. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to live in a winter wonderland, purchase a sled for a bargain price. I promise you that this will provide you all with hours of fun, laughter & unforgettable memories. As well as providing some amazing Instagram snaps!

– M

New Year’s Eve party in your own home

New Year’s Eve Party Home Friends

Most New Year’s Eve parties have been cancelled this year due to the restrictions of the global pandemic. On a brighter note, it appears that most restrictions will be lifted or eased during the festive period. Thank the stars that me and the girls are able to reunite and spend New Year’s Eve altogether. Needless to say, we’ll be spending Christmas with our families but then we are planning our own little reunion to welcome in the new year. So we have had to change our usual plans of hitting the city and think over ideas of how to host a New Year’s Eve party at home.

New Year’s Eve Party Home Mexican Theme

B’s New Year’s Eve brainstorm

We are bringing Mexico home. Turn up The Champs tequila song…you know the one I mean, and let’s take out the shot glasses because there’s about to be an epic fiesta! B is thinking of fake mustaches, sombreros, and tacos. Sounds good to me! Themed parties are always so much fun and make for some hysterical photos to treasure. If a Mexican night is not for you, consider 80’s retro, burlesque, or a fancy dress party this New Year’s Eve.

E’s way to end the year

Being the most easily pleased of us all, E has suggested having a simple night in. Years gone by, we have spent hours taking our time to get ready for a crazy night on the town. As you know, we are unable to do so this year. Hence why E has come up with the idea to make the most of this and have a pyjama party with a takeaway pizza, our best-loved wine, and classic board games. Much like our cherished old-school game nights.

New Year’s Eve Party Home Cocktail Masterclass

How I visualize welcoming in the new year

Being the influencer that I am (I wish!), I want us to create a house party perfect for some Instagram worthy snaps. In that event, I’m thinking of a flower wall backdrop, sparklers, and my favourite suggestion of all…champagne bar. This won’t cost as much as you expect. Simply, use an old chest of drawers, throw over a fancy throw, place your champagne bucket, chutes, and several bottles of champagne on top, & voila! The fun doesn’t stop there, I’m envisioning a cocktail masterclass taking place in the kitchen. Failing that, we could have a sangria masterclass for an easier option! Then we will play the top hits of 2020, and dance around with a drink in hand! What more could I ask for?

Most importantly, we need to evaluate the crazy year that we’ve just had. Oh boy, it was a lot, wasn’t it? Something that I learned from another friend of mine was to take the time on New Year’s Eve to reflect on the previous year. Think about what you have accomplished, remember all of the moments that have shaped you in so many ways, and give thought to what goals you want to achieve in the next year ahead. One of the ideas I suggested to the girls is for us to have a New Year’s Eve resolution jar. We all place little notes of our resolutions inside of the jar. Then, in one year’s time, we can see if we stuck to them. To be continued!

– M

Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Michael Ginnerskov Jensen tells us how

Female entrepreneurs take over the world

We asked series entrepreneur Michael Ginnerskov Jensen about some of his best tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur, and we thought we’d share them with you. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen has started companies in many different industries and has gained experience from, among other things, the entertainment world, product trade, appliances, and the IT industry where he has worked with both hardware and software. 

Work smart, not hard

Many people imagine an entrepreneur as an individual who works 18 hours a day. We tend to paint a picture of a person driven by success… So much so that their whole life is work. Of course, hard work is one of the keys to success. In reality, that’s just not always the case. Just because you’re working all the time, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful. This is something Michael Ginnerskov Jensen definitely can agree with

Make sure to not get exhausted, says Michael Ginnerskov Jensen

“Working too much can lead to fatigue and exhaustion, which leads to mistakes. And another thing is that nobody can do everything themselves. Most of us are good at a few things. There are simply things we have to realize that we are not as good at as others.” says Michael Ginnerskov Jensen. You need to learn to work smarter, not harder. This can be a mindset that for many is unnatural and takes a long time to get into. We have previously shared some tips on how to handle everyday stress, so if you feel like you want to read about that, you can do that by pressing here

Maybe one of us is the next big entrepreneur

Hire people for the tasks you are not good at yourself

“It’s pretty simple, as I mentioned before, we are not all equal, you are better at some things than others, and vice versa. So find someone who can do what you cannot, so you have the opportunity to focus on the areas where you are strongest,” adds Michael Ginnerskov JensenAs an entrepreneur, you also need to be a leader, and being a leader is among other things about understanding the importance of outsourcing work. While the thought of adding employees, payroll expenses, or getting a partner may seem daunting, it is far better than overworking yourself, and then end up failing because you do not have the experience and time.

Get more done, and consume less

Using freelancers is not always the ideal situation for an established business when you are in an early stage of business life. However, it can be one of the solutions where you get large and useful amounts of work done. In addition, for an extremely advantageous price, so you do not have to ruin the company. 

Don’t be afraid to fail, for that is what you are going to do

Working smart, finding the right people, and doing more with less are all keys that will help you open up to success. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, and you have to be realistic – not all companies become successful. “Sometimes the competition is too fierce, or the competitors were tougher than expected. As soon as you have ruined your momentum, you must prepare to fail, but more important is not to be afraid of failing,” says Michael Ginnerskov Jensen

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen has had a lot of success

Wake up with a purpose and be ruthless

“The biggest contribution of success for an entrepreneur is the fact that they just did it. They got up every day, working hard until they succeeded. They worked their way through problems and hard times.”Michael Ginnerskov Jensen

Let’s see if we will be entrepreneurs like Michael Ginnerskov Jensen anytime soon

We all have so many different interests so we could definitely come up with a good business idea, but it’s not something we have thought about for real before hearing these tips from Michael Ginnerskov Jensen. Well, for now, we are all happy with what we’re doing, but who knows what will happen in the future. We are excited to see where we are in 10 years from now. Maybe we have started a company together? That would be something! 

– A, E, M and B

Chocolate muffins – my favorite recipe

Delicious chocolate muffins

I personally love baking, and I’ve been doing that a lot lately. My latest obsession is muffins. So simple, and so tasty. I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys, as it’s something I think a lot of you can appreciate. Maybe you too are on a baking spree? Or maybe you want to try something new. Well, here comes my recipe for delicious chocolate muffins

The ingredients you need to make chocolate muffins

To make the chocolate muffins you need a few ingredients. Most of the ingredients are things I already have in my pantry, so that’s another reason why it’s one of my favorite recipes. I can kinda make it whenever I want. Even though I try to eat healthily on a daily basis I treat myself to some baked goods from time to time. Especially lately, with everything going on. 

Well, here we go…

  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil

Chocolate chips

How to do it…

The first thing you should do, even before you prep all the ingredients, is to turn on the oven. It should be 200 degrees C. Prep the muffin cups so that they are ready for the batter. After that, you’re ready to start making muffins! Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, ¾ cup chocolate chips, and the cocoa powder in a large bowl. Mix it all together and then in another bowl, you should add the egg, yogurt, vegetable oil, and vanilla extract. Whisked that till smooth, and then you should pour the liquid mix into the chocolate mixture and stir until the batter is blended perfectly. After that, you just need to fill the muffin cups and put the last chocolate chips on top. 

The final stretch

When the oven is ready you just need to pop in the muffins for about 20 minutes. Do the toothpick check (try to stick one in the center of one of the muffins) and when it comes out clean they are ready. The toothpick check is something my mom thought me when I was a child… But it never fails. I recommend that you let the muffins rest for about 15 minutes when you’ve taken them out of the oven. And of course, remember to enjoy them with another person… Either someone in your family, a close friend, or maybe your partner? I will share them with my roomie, and I know she’ll be super happy. 

My favorite chocolate muffins

Make a yummy topping

The last tip I have, that I sometimes do to just make it EXTRA tasty… Is to make a chocolate sauce to top the muffins with. You just need ½ cup of milk, ⅓ cup of butter, ⅜ cup of cream (35% fat), and ¾ cup of chopped, plain dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)… Heat the milk and cream in a pan and bring to a boil. When you have removed it from the heat you should add the chocolate and then stir until the chocolate is melted. The butter should be beaten until soft and then you should gradually add the chocolate mixture into it. Let it cool a bit and then add it on top of the muffins and get ready to enjoy!

– E

Barbecue with friends – what you must have

Barbecue skewers

I really love to spend time with my friends, and really make something extra out of it. I was arranging a barbecue with some friends the past weekend, and I thought I’d tell you about it. Maybe you’ll get some tips to arrange a barbecue on your own

Quality time with friends

There is little that is as great as spending time with your best friends. As you know I am a foodie, so I always try to arrange something that can include food. Haha, I’m just like that! But a barbecue, I don’t know anyone that would say no to. It’s perfect both if you eat meat and if you don’t… Also, it’s very easy to make something in the case of other dietary restrictions, like allergies.

Everything can go on the grill. As you probably can tell, I looove a good barbecue. If you want some tips on things you can make for your barbecue, you can check that out HERE.

Barbecue Meat

The variety of a barbecue is endless

What I absolutely love about having a barbecue, is the variety of it. You can literally make a completely different meal each time if you want to. Depending on which kind of ingredients you choose, your meal will be completely changed up. One of my favorite things to make is skewers.

Skewers can be with literally anything! Do you want a veggie skewer? Yum! Put on some mushroom, bell pepper and onion for example… So tasty! Another thing that is fantastic is corn! My friend actually puts canned corn with butter in it, directly on the grill. It’s sooo delicious.

Mix it up and find your favorites

Like I mentioned, skewers are my favorite. They are because I can make them different each time, depending on what I feel like. I’m not a vegetarian, but a lot of times I make veggie skewers. On the other hand, I love mixing and having skewers with chicken or meat as well. My secret trick is to make a homemade barbecue marinade. I always put the meat and mushrooms in it. It honestly makes a huge difference. And it’s no joke, I always get compliments for my food when I arrange a barbecue.

Barbecue skewers

Make an event of it

When my friends or family come over to do a barbecue or any other meal… I love making an event of it. I always make sure my place is filled with music, fitting to the occasion. In addition, I love just putting up some string lights for example. Especially if we are meeting at night. It sets the mood right away!

If you’re not a fan of a good old barbecue (crazy!), or you just want to cook something else… You can check out another recipe HERE. I will for sure arrange more barbecues as long as the weather permits it. Hope you liked my tips and can use them to arrange something on your own.

– M

Organize your wardrobe girl


I’ve always cared about having a clean and organized place… Despite that, I must admit that my wardrobe has been one of the places I’ve kinda not prioritized. I honestly just organized it because I was bored. Haha! But after doing it, I’m not going back to unorganized anytime soon. 

Making your mornings more efficient

The first benefit of organizing my wardrobe is that I actually save a lot of time in the mornings. I honestly can say that I save at least 5 minutes, if not more… This I do because it’s just so easy to pick out an outfit. I can finally see what I have, and I know where to look if I have a certain piece in mind, that I want to wear.

One of the things that I personally feel like make me switch up what I’m wearing a bit more, is this coat stand. It’s standing in the middle of my room, so I always see it. On this coat stand, I always make sure to put pieces that I haven’t used in a little while…

In addition to that, I put pieces that I actually want to wear some more. It’s so much easier choosing those pieces when they’re right in front of me. I found a lot of pieces when I was organizing my wardrobe, that I haven’t used in forever… And those were donated so that someone that needs it more, can get them. Much better than having them lying around in my newly organized wardrobe.

external wardrobe

Making it fun to organize your wardrobe

I have a little trick that I want to tell you about. This trick might actually make it a bit more fun to organize your wardrobe. The trick is to get some nice looking hangers! For some, the aesthetics don’t matter… And that is completely fine as well! But at least it made it a bit more fun for me. I’m easy to please, I just want pretty things. Haha!

Another thing you can do, depending on if you share your wardrobe with someone or not, is to use Marie Kondo’s trick. Lucky for me I’m not sharing my wardrobe with anyone. On the other hand, a lot of us do, and if you’re one of those I really would advise you to watch the videos of Marie Kondo. She has a lot of smart tricks when it comes to organizing and cleaning.

wardrobe hangers

Doing it little by little, to make your life easier

I must admit that having an organized home makes me a lot more relaxed than if it’s messy. If you want some tricks on how you can handle everyday stress you can read about that HERE. I kind of regret not organizing my wardrobe before. It was really easy, and it simply made my life easier. The next thing I’ll do is try to organize my makeup drawer… That might be a bit harder than what I just did. Hehe, wish me good luck on that one!

– B