The latest period drama of Ms Daphne Bridgerton

Period Drama Netflix Series Bridgerton

I had been searching for a new series to watch on my trusted companion, Netflix. Having watched other period dramas such as The Crown, Downton Abbey, etc, one of the suggestions was a series called Bridgerton. Based in the 1800s, the series follows the Bridgerton family as they seek to find love and happiness. In London’s high society during this era, mothers would prepare their children for arranging matches for marriage. With this purpose in mind, a summer of match-making, courting, and prestigious balls occur, with one purpose in mind…to find a worthy suitor! It all sounds relatively delightful, doesn’t it? Until one of London’s most eligible (and handsome, may I add) bachelors appears on the scene.

Netflix Series Bridgerton Mother Daughter Marriage

Untold amounts of characters will appear

An array of characters will appear with each episode. Evidently, with actors such as Julie Andrews, Hugh Sachs, & Adjoa Andoh appearing in the series, expectations were high. Without a doubt, they do not disappoint. What I love the most is how each new character brings a new twist to the story. In general, there is no insignificant character. Each one offers a new perspective on the story at hand. In addition, they play their character with an accent that would have been acquired in high society in London. Hence, if you do like the quintessential British accent, then you will love listening to each and every episode.

Personally, my favorite character was Queen Charlotte and her unorthodox representation of the Queen. Could the Queen really have been a true gossip during the 1800s? Secondly, the main character herself, Daphne Bridgerton. Maintaining her respect within society is of paramount importance to her. Watch as you see her make the choice between what she should do to keep her honour intact, or what she really wants to do, for reasons of love, lust, and all other emotions which can sometimes guide us in the wrong direction. To watch a real-life perspective on how to find love, I recommend watching Love is Blind.

Netflix Series Bridgerton Love Lust

Bridgerton – Episode 6

Firstly, I do not wish to reveal too much about this series if you haven’t already seen it. Albeit, I recommend that you hold out until at least episode 6. What’s more, do not watch it in front of your parents! In truth, whilst I watched the first few episodes of Bridgerton, I doubted that this series was for me. With so much focus on Daphne chasing the fairytale of a woman & man meeting at a ball and living happily ever after, I mistakenly thought this could have been more like a Disney production but I was already committed to the series so pursued.

Episode 6 revealed to me that this was no Disney fairytale. This was the pinnacle episode for me. Whereas the first episodes tell the story of the Bridgerton family, their history, their place in society, etc. Throughout, the series presents Daphne as a respected daughter held in high regard. On the other, that of an independent woman who has her own desires that she wishes to explore. Consequently, episode 6 pivots the story which then leads us to the penultimate final episodes filled with emotion, passion, & maybe a happy ending..but I cannot tell you that. Watch for yourself and I am sure that you will not regret it!

– M