Is Love is blind actually worth watching?

Love is blind worth the watch

Is it really worth investing over 10 hours into watching this reality TV show? And the answer is, yes, yes it really is! Oh, the drama! So much happens. Couples break up, fall in love, and even get married! This is a spoiler-free zone, and I won’t use any names or reveal how things ended. So if you haven’t seen the show yet, this is a safe read! With everything that’s been going on in the world, I had some extra hours to kill on the couch. Also, all my friends are hooked on this show. It only took an episode, and I became addicted. Here’s why you should watch and gossip about Love is blind! 

What is the concept of Love is blind?

Thirty men and women who all wish to find eternal love gather together. Through the first 10 days, they all date each other. This is happening rapidly and intensely. Like a 24/7 speed date. It’s like they all go from 0 to 100 in a split of a second. While they are dating they are not able to see one another. They are dating in so-called “pods”! Everyone has their own room, with a wall in the middle hiding the other person they are dating.

This is the actual concept of the show. Is love really blind? Can love blossom without knowing how the other person looks physically? For me, this wasn’t that interesting, considering Netflix only chose what you would call attractive people in the first place. 

Love is blind, or is it?

Why should I bother watching Love is blind? 

Let’s sum it up with one name, Jessica! Haha, no, I’m just joking. And I promise that was not a spoiler, but something you’ll realize after watching. Trust me. This show is perfect if you just want something easy to watch. Or maybe you’re like me and have a friend group who can’t stop talking about all the people on the show. So you watch it just to join conversations. 

The show moves very quickly, so it doesn’t get boring or repetitive. Even though reality shows like this aren’t really a new concept (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, etc.)  it still felt like something new. Like a breath of fresh air. I especially fell in love with one of the couples, they are so cute! Had you seen the show, you’d know who I’m talking about. If you still don’t seem convinced to watch this show, maybe reality isn’t for you? Do you prefer crime, if so I’d recommend you to have a look HERE!

I believe Love is blind

What happens in Love is blind?

The couples making it through to the next step of the process, are the ones who have proposed and received a yes. They are then immediately taken on a vacation to Mexico! The best part about this is that all the couples are staying at the same hotel.

Some of them got strong emotions for other people they talked to in the “pods”, this will be the first time they get to see each other! While on vacation with their new finance. The last episode is about the wedding day. Who will say yes at the altar?

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