Netflix has done it again – Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries is the show on everyone’s lips at the moment. Or well, if it’s not on your lips it should be. Netflix has done it again and created a new show that takes on real stories, that continue to be unsolved. A real gem for true-crime lovers. I will of course not spoil anything about the show here, and try to make an objective recommendation… But I must already admit, I love the show! 

Unbelievable happenings

What I really love about the show is that each episode is so different from the others. Each episode takes on a new unsolved mystery, and each case is crazier than the previous one. To be honest, when I’m watching true-crime I have to make myself not binge it. Binging is so easy with Netflix, haha. It’s scary.

But in this case, I need that time in-between episodes to actually process all the information and really think about it. It’s just so crazy since it’s REAL stories. TRUE crime. I must admit that sometimes it scares me that these kinds of things have actually happened in real life. And what happened never really got figured out. If you on the other hand want a show that you CAN binge, you can read about that by pressing HERE.

netflix series

Almost sad I cannot watch it twice

When it comes to crime shows I always want to watch it all over again when I’ve finished it. The sad thing is that of course, I cannot. “Why not?” You might think… Well because I already know everything that happens and if there is a solution to it, I will remember it. Haha! But my thing is that I love to watch it all over again after a year or two.

Even though I might remember some things while watching it, I don’t care. I enjoy it so much! In addition, when it comes to Unsolved Mysteries, it’s absolutely possible to watch over again sooner, since there is no actual solution to the cases. They’re unsolved. What is really great with Netflix though, is that they have a lot of true-crime shows, so that you can always find another one to watch in between.

netflix police man

It’s kind of scary that these people are real

One thing that I’ve been thinking about after watching both Unsolved Mysteries and other true-crime shows on Netflix, it’s that it’s really crazy that these people that have done these terrible things… Are real. It might be someone in my street, my postman or my friend’s uncle. Ughh. I don’t want to think about it. But luckily most people are nice and would never do anything like that.

That’s also something that Netflix’s shows in their series Unsolved Mysteries since they actually have interviewed so many of those involved. With that, you can hear them tell about all the support they got from their community during a hard time. The support they still get in a lot of cases.

My conclusion is that I love the show, and I really want Netflix to make a second season. Do it Netflix! 

– M