Time to binge-watch: The Good Place

If you’d ask me what I have been doing these last few days, my answer would be Netflix. I have simply been binge-watching a new series that I just discovered. It’s called The Good Place“, and it’s really funny. I want to tell you guys about this show because I think it’s a show that fits most people. It’s really worth giving a shot if you want to watch a comedy series.

A show about something I’m sure we’ve all thought about at least one time in our life…

To break it down easily, the show is set in the afterlife. I’m sure I am not the only one that has caught myself thinking about the afterlife before? Wondering – what reeeally happens? That’s another reason why this series really is great for basically anyone.

There are four main characters, even though I must admit, one is clearly the MAIN one. Haha, isn’t it always like that?! Well, I love it. If you’re one of those people that always check the IMDB score before giving the show or movie a chance: GO AHEAD! I’m one of those as well. That’s why I was so happy to see that The Good Place has a rather high score for being a comedy show.

The Good Place on Netflix

The Good Place has several seasons of fun

Nothing makes me happier than when I find a series that I really like, and then I see that it has several seasons to enjoy! This is luckily the case with The Good Place. It’s four seasons, and 12 and 13 episodes in each season. I feel like it’s such an easy series to watch, and the episodes just go really fast.

All of a sudden I’ve watched 4 episodes in a row, haha. Standard! Unfortunately, it will not be any more seasons coming out, as the show is now finished. But hey, at least it has a good ending. I hate when a show has to be canceled and then not get an ending to the story. So at least in this show it’s thought through and gives it a great ending.


Both big celebrities and up-and-coming actors

I really enjoy that the show has a mix of actors. Some are really well known, like Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and Marc Evan Jackson. Others are more up-and-coming actors like William Jackson Harper and Manny Jacinto. I might be completely wrong and they’ve acted in tons of stuff, but to me, they were new names. It’s amazing to see how great the main actors work together during the show, and really make each other shine.

I also love how they manage to make a subject that could be really sad and dark, into something funny. Absolutely a big recommendation from me to all of you that enjoy an easy and light series that you can watch for hours. For more inspiration on what to watch, you can read this article.

– A