My all-time favorite tips for accessories! 

Tips for accessories! 

Accessories have always been one of my favorite things when it comes to fashion and style! You can literally transform an entire outfit just by adding a belt here, some earrings there, or a plunging necklace. Go from office mode to wine night with the girls in no time. If you do accessories right it can almost seem like magic going from a plain dress to a WOW outfit. All thanks to a few simple steps! Here are my absolute favorite tips for how to make the most out of your accessories. 

Don’t overdo it with accessories! Keep it simple and classy! 

If you’re using a large belt as a statement piece, don’t add that gigantic necklace as well. Think of it as a rule to have no more than 3 medium to large accessories on you. If you’re working with larger accessories, it’s also important to think of the colors. They need to match. Keep it all within the same style and color. This way you will get a red line through your outfit, and it will flow together more naturally. With smaller pieces, you should still think of the same rules, but a bit more freely. Check out this shop for the most trendy accessories!  

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Matching handbags and shoes are not necessary! 

“You have to match your shoes and handbag!” How many times have you heard this rule? And honestly, it’s just not true! Why do you have to match? Yes, sometimes it does look cool, or even adds to the outfit. But so many women feel the need to always follow this advice. Say you are wearing really light and bright shoes, then it’s going to look great together with a handbag with a completely different bright color. The two colors can make each other pop, and thereby you stand out! 

Choose one or another! Colorful clothes or accessories! 

Are you rocking that new bright red dress? Or that new summer dress? Awesome! But maybe don’t add that orange and purple belt around your waist! When looking at an outfit, your eyes should either be dragged towards the clothes or the accessories, not both. It’s important to have a balance in your outfit. If you are wearing a lot of colors, this could be the day to make the most out of your smaller accessories. 

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A rule to live by for lovers of pastel

I love wearing pastels! Nothing looks as clean-cut and stylish as an outfit put together of different pastel colors. Dusky or bright pastel colors go easily together like they are sliding from one color to the next. That’s why it’s so important not to disrupt this flow. In other words, don’t wear black or dark shoes together with your pastel outfit. It will completely ruin the pastel look. Same with other accessories, keep them in a light tone. This will give you a more complete look. 

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