I tried the membership section of Honest Kiss!

Honest Kiss Exclusive

With my membership in the online webshop Honest Kiss, I save up points every month, which I can then use for new purchases on the site in their membership section. Read here about the latest products I have received and how much I have saved compared to the original price.

What is Honest Kiss and how does a membership work?

Honest Kiss is an online webshop that specializes in top brand quality products to extremely low prices. The website has a huge section of both fashion items, makeup, accessories and whatever else you could almost imagine. And when I say top brand I really mean it, since the website has everything from Dolce & Gabbana, Guess, Versace and so on and so on, to just a fraction of the normal price.

All the normal products on the website are free for everyone to buy whether you have a membership and not. If you are not interested in becoming a member you can still really find some good deals by just checking in once in a while. 

However, Honest Kiss also has a membership section, that you can – of course – only use as a member. As a member you pay a fixed amount every month, that gets converted into a gift card with the same amount. This gift card can be used in the membership section. In this section, they give you the possibility to buy extra exclusive fashion items and other products. In addition to all the exclusive fashion items, you can find a wide selection of other really cool features. 

The different exciting features for members

For now, the features include the possibility to get fashion advice from a personal stylist or personal trainer. In addition, you can try out various trial subscriptions such as streaming services, e-books, podcasts, and even different beauty boxes. As I understand it, the whole idea about the subscription services is that you should be able to try out different services without the risk of getting caught in an expensive subscription afterward. I still haven’t tried out any of these offers, but I definitely think that I will the next time I receive my new gift card. 

Honest Kiss video

Oh and then another super cool thing is their new donation program which actually allows you to donate fashion items that you have bought on their website. You can donate to any charity organization you choose, and hereafter get a refund of the full purchase price. You get the refund as a gift card to the Honest Kiss webshop! Then you can use it to buy new cool items of your choosing from the website. Basically what this means is that you can do something good for our society by donating your used items AND also change your wardrobe ever so often without paying extra. That is pretty awesome, right?

My Honest Kiss membership

I have now been a member of Honest Kiss for a while and that means that I have also saved up a good amount of gift card points. I decided to use these points recently as I thought it was time for a little self-pampering. Therefore I started by looking through Honest Kiss‘ many options on the website, in order to choose the right products for this round. I was determined to find the best deals that Honest Kiss could give me. The hunt was set in, I sat down comfortably in front of the screen, and started browsing through Honest Kiss‘s many products. Below you can read the result of my efforts.

How have my Hones Kiss products been selected?

As mentioned above, the membership area has a section called “Exclusive Deals”, where you can only use your gift card to buy these products. I had previously looked through the pages and therefore already knew that this section has some pretty amazing products and offers. 

I wanted to find some amazing products where I at the same time could get a huge discount, so first, I simply just browsed through the various pages and put my absolute favorite products in the basket. Just like a normal purchase at Honest Kiss or any other place, because of course I also do not want to just buy something solely for the sake of saving.

However, I had already decided that there were quite a few things I was missing in several areas. After a short time, I had the shopping cart pretty well filled up. Oh well, I thought, you have to treat yourself once in a while, and with my plan to select the best offers, it could not go completely wrong.

After selecting the best products, the turn then came to the hard selection process. I looked through all the products individually and decided on some pieces where the price had been put extra low. I do not know about you, but I always feel really happy when I find a great deal, so it was absolutely amazing to sit and count how much I actually saved. By the way, you can see that calculation at the end, but I can promise that it is not a small saving. Here you can see which products I ended up with:

Postquam Personal Care Set Moisturizer

Honest Kiss Postquam Product

This set contains both a moisturizing body lotion and a hand cream. That is something I have been missing for so long. On top of that, it comes with an electric file to help remove hard and dead skin on your heels. I haven’t really been looking for one of those per se… But as soon as I saw the set, I knew that I would love to give my feet a good round of care. 

The full price for the set was just 78,50€, which I think is a really good price for all of these items. The normal price for the set is 118,50€, so I quickly had the first 40€ saved here… I knew that this was only the beginning of my shopping experience at Honest Kiss. 

Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum Women Secret Obsession

Honest Kiss Parfume


The next item that got to stay in my basket was this gorgeous perfume from Calvin Klein. I have been a huge fan of Calvin Klein for years. Right now I am in love with this scent that has a mystical and floral fragrance while at the same time being light and fresh. Perfect for everyday use! It’s also great for more elegant occasions. I bought the perfume in a 100 ml version for 61€ instead of 89,50€. That gave me a total saving of 28,50€.

With this beautiful pair of sunglasses from Balmain, you will not go wrong

Honest Kiss Balmain Sunglasses

I really love practically all sunglasses from Balmain… This pair is no exception. These sunglasses have an amazing bright color! I already know that they will be my favorite pair over the summer. When I saw that the sunglasses here had been reduced from 119,50€ to only 73,50€… I had no doubt that now would be the perfect time to buy them. So down in the basket, they went!

A small bag from Emporio Armani provides space for everything in style

The last product that I put in my shopping cart was this beautiful black Emporio Armani shoulder bag. It closes with fantastic golden detail! It is just the right size for me as it is small enough to be elegant and comfortable. At the same time, it still has room for a lot of stuff. Just what I had been looking for, for such a long time. The price was 193,50€ reduced from 353€. I felt incredibly satisfied with my discount. You can by the way see the gorgeous bag at Honest Kiss if you are curious.

So how much have I saved when it all comes down to it?

I was really excited to see how much I had saved in total! It turned out to be quite a lot, I would say. If I count it all together, then the original price for all the products I have bought is a total of 680,50€. However, I have only paid 406,5€, which means that my membership with Honest Kiss has given me a total saving of 274€ compared to what I should have paid elsewhere. And I mean, we are talking about top brand items here. That’s pretty wild, isn’t it?

When you see it this way, I, therefore, think it’s quite clear to see why the idea of an Honest Kiss membership makes a lot of sense. I pay about 49€ a month for the membership. That amount, I can of course use to buy these cool products at these very low prices. And as mentioned before they have, on top of that, all of the other new features… I will be looking forward to trying out those next time.

Furthermore, when you add to the concept that you can actually donate your used items and get the price refunded in order to buy new clothes. Because of this, it is literally a no-brainer for me to continue my membership for a long time.

– B