Shopping spree – time with my girls

If there is one thing I really enjoy, it’s when I can meet up with my girls and we can shop! Shopping is my cardio. It’s my favorite quote because it’s so funny, and well, true. I went shopping with some of my friends the other day and we went on a real spree. I love being able to find some hidden treasures on the sales racks! It’s also great to take a look at the upcoming trends. 

An old trend can still make an amazing outfit

Something that I love is that since the trends change so quickly, you can easily use pieces from “older seasons” in your outfits all year round. Another thing that is great is to have some staple pieces, as well as basic pieces that go with everything. I always make sure to look for both some basics on sale.

At the same time, I really feel like I kind of have an excuse to buy a kinda crazy piece as well if it’s on sale. Since if it turns out that I don’t use it that much, at least it was on sale. Haha, I love my thinking!

My girls are luckily just as crazy about shopping as I am. Another time I will tell you about a really great website that I found for online shopping. They honestly have everything there when it comes to fashion and beauty. Press HERE if you would like to read my post about it.

Shopping – make a day of it

When I go shopping, and if I actually have the day off, I love to just make a day of it! Start with a cup of coffee and maybe a croissant or whatever I’m feeling like. After that, I’m ready to shop! Since I’ve had my coffee I feel like I have so much extra energy for trying on whatever I feel like. Normally people always say that they think it’s such a hassle to try on stuff…

But honestly, if you make a day of it you don’t have the stress on top of everything and can just simply enjoy yourself. As I mentioned earlier I also love to take a peek at what’s to come in the following season. I also keep myself updated from magazines like ELLE.

Lunchtime to recharge the batteries

I always make sure that I know of a cute café or restaurant where I can eat lunch if I’m out shopping. My friends always call me a foodie and say that I always think about food. And well – I won’t deny that! Haha. It’s important to refill the batteries. I am in general not picky… But I love to just eat something light if I’m shopping. I think it’s because I hate to try on clothes if I’m too full…

Haha, you know what I mean?

With a bloated belly, nothing feels GREAT on. I opt for a yummy salad or a sandwich, or something like that. I love it when I find a place that has a lot of different options so that everyone that joins can find something they like. Also, I looove when they have the option that you can make-your-own salad or something like that.

Enjoy shopping – it’s a social activity

One of my favorite things when it comes to shopping is that I actually get to spend quality time with my friends at the same time. We have fun and try on both pieces that we love and funny-looking pieces. Haha, does it get better?! I will advise you all to enjoy the sales that you can find at the moment. Make sure you bring a good friend! With that, you’ll enjoy the time even more…

And also, have a person there that can get real with you either when you feel like something does NOT look good or the opposite. Haha, we all have moments when we need our friend to drag us down to earth when we are thinking about spending a too big amount of money on a piece of clothing that you’ll wear ONE time.

– B