The summer dress: my favorite piece of clothing

summer dress sightseeing

My favorite piece of clothing is the summer dress. It’s easy, comfortable, and cute. In my opinion, it’s great for all occasions! You can dress it up or down. I will in this post tell you all about it, and when, how, and where you can wear it. 

The best piece of clothing during summertime

The name summer dress, says it all. It’s the perfect piece of clothing to wear during the summer. What I really love about it is that you can dress it up and down as much as you want. Wear a pair of cool sneakers and you have a casual everyday look… Wear a pair of strappy sandals and you have a cute look for going to a summer party or a restaurant.

The small details really make a difference. Something else I looove about the summer dress is that you can have it in so many colors. Which one does your mood tell you to wear today? Pink, blue, yellow? All of the above? The choice is yours. Vogue has an article that can give you a lot of inspiration. You can read it HERE.

summer dress and flowers

Wear the summer dress on every occasion

Me personally, I wear my summer dress everywhere. I wear it on light walks or when I’m shopping. I think it’s excellent to wear it when I’m shopping since it’s so easy to slip in and out of when I’m trying on things. Other occasions where I love to wear my summer dress is when I hang out in a park or if I go to a restaurant.

It’s perfect to pair with a couple of cute sandals, that all of a sudden makes you look kinda dressed up, without it being overkill. In addition to that, I always wear it if I have a day when I’m not sure what I’ll do. I just make sure to bring a pair of shoes to change to, and a cute piece of jewelry in my bag. If I have that I am ready for anything! If you want to read about a website where you can shop all the accessories you need, and more… Visit Honest Kiss here!.

summer dress walk

Unexpected occasions to put on a summer dress

I personally don’t have a problem with wearing the summer dress on unconventional occasions… It makes it less stressful since you don’t have to change or something like that. But of course, in this case, it’s depending on which type of shoes you have on. I’ve even gone hiking in my summer dress, haha. But trust me, I had hiking shoes on, so I didn’t get blisters.

In general, my favorite combination with my summer dress is a cute hat and a cute pair of sandals. Also, if I want to look a bit more dressed up, I go for my laced up sandals with a little heel. The type of heel that’s just the perfect height. Not too high, and not too low. Just perfect for walking comfortably around for hours, collecting compliments.

What is your favorite piece of clothing? Are you a fan of the summer dress just like me? 

– A