Why I still have an Honest Kiss Membership

Six months later and my Honest Kiss membership is still active. I have read a lot of negative things about them online, like Honest Kiss being a scam. But I have also read a lot of good things and both me and my friends agree that their membership is pretty awesome!

Why I haven’t left the Honest Kiss membership yet

Like I mentioned in my detailed article about the Honest Kiss membership, there are many reasons why I love being a member. So today, I’m going more into detail about what I’ve purchased and discovered the past few months.

Every month, my gift card makes me as happy as the month before.

This is the biggest reason why I’m staying with the Honest Kiss membership. I mean, who doesn’t want to be happy when being a member of something. And why would anyone want to stay a member if it didn’t make them happy, right?

I feel happy because I know that I can shop from the exclusive section once again. My favorite section is absolutely their bag section. Because I have an Honest Kiss membership, I bought this amazing Calvin Klein bag that I’m so happy about!

Honest Kiss membership Calvin Klein bag

The bag normally costs 210 € but for members, it’s 160 €. So I bought it with my gift card, and voilá – the price landed at 111 €! Yaay! Saving almost 100 € is more than enough to be grateful for ?

There are always updates to the exclusive Honest Kiss & Me section.

Yes, baby! There are always new things coming in. You already know that the bag section is one of my favorites. Other favorites are the makeup and skincare sections, the accessories section and the shoe section.

When I talk about the accessories section for members, I mean the watches! They have such beautiful watches for women! They do have watches for men too but since I’m a gal, it’ the pretty watches for women I’m interested in ?

After browsing through their watch section, going through both Armani, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein watches, I decided on two of them. I know, I know, I’m maybe going a bit crazy here but that’s the fun of getting a new gift card every month!

And these are so classy!

The Calvin Klein watch on the left normally costs 254 € but after using the gift card code, I paid 105 €! That’s a big discount I think! This is one of my favorite accessories that I hold in my possessions right now. It’s just so classy and simple, goes with just about any outfit. I wear the watch with my sporty clothes, my dresses and my casual work outfits.

It doesn’t make sense to me to buy something that I can only use once or twice. I want something that I can wear on several occasions.

The second watch, the one to the right, is so pretty! The dusty pink color is so pretty! I love this color because it’s not too much out there but it’s enough to stand out. It doesn’t go with as many outfits, but honestly, close enough.

The Armani watch I bought thanks to the Honest Kis membership is an item I hold dear to my heart. It’s just so feminine and nice to look at. And of course, the quality is great. I do love my designer things but mainly, I buy things that I simply like.

I can keep shopping for skincare products without having to spend half of my salary on it.

Taking care of my skin is important to me. I also love my makeup! But let’s face it, these things don’t come cheap. I always say how lucky men are that they don’t have to think about buying makeup. Sure they do buy skincare but not nearly as much as we girls do! And it’s no wonder, we use moisturizers for our face, eye creams, night creams – well we have it all, right?

So I want my skincare products to be of high quality and I also want them to last. But to do that I have to spend more money on it of course. Makes sense, right? I don’t want to put just anything onto my skin and I’m sure that neither do you ?The same goes for makeup, I want quality products from well-known brands.

These products are so luxurious. Do you know Honest Kiss even sells a skincare product that costs 826 €?? How crazy is that? And that’s actually with the membership discount! If you don’t have an Honest Kiss membership, you can’t buy it! It’s called Orchidée Impériale Black.

Apparently, it holds a unique technology and there is more than 15 years of research behind developing it. That is super impressive! I haven’t bought it because it is a lot to pay for face cream but I am curious! If it’s like going for treatment then it might actually be worth the money. either way, you can check it out yourself on Honest Kiss’ website.

Honest Kiss customer service is so quick to respond – both on social media and through email

The worst thing I know is when I reach out to customer service for any brand and the response time is sooooo long! No can do! It doesn’t mean that I need a reply right away but at least within a day. And if it’s the same day then that’s even better.

Now, Honest Kiss’ customer service responds sometimes within minutes. Now that’s what I call caring about your customers! I have reached out to them several times, a few times on Instagram actually since I do like my Insta. Sometimes it takes a little longer there but never more than a few hours. But the email support is super fast.

They also have a Facebook page so there is the option to ask questions there.

I don’t feel as guilty about shopping anymore.

Okay, let’s be honest about this. We, women, like using shopping as therapy and we do it waaay too often! Now, I’m guilty of that too and I’m not ashamed to say it. No shame in shopping till you’re dropping (lol).

But it does make me feel so much better when I can shop and save so much money on the things I buy. It can of course go the other way and there is the temptation to buy more things because it’s cheaper.

I’ve done that too, trust me. And I think that’s totally okay. Either way, I can either buy more things that I can use or I buy less and use that money on something else. I don’t know about you but sometimes I can feel guilty when I shop too much.

It’s not a nice feeling and I’m mostly a happy person. But when I do go overboard, it doesn’t always feel that good. So if someone helps me save money and ease my shopping conscience, I stick with you, ha!

Last but not least, I still have the Honest Kiss membership because they speak to a large audience and encourage women.

It’s nice when people care about others, I think. The Honest Kiss concept is more than just selling quality brand products at a lower price. Their whole idea is also about encouraging women to be themselves and being unique. I really like that they have different styles and they are pro-women being themselves.

I have a mixed style and I always want to own my style. It makes it easier when someone else is also encouraging you to do that.

Honest Kiss membership encourages women

That’s why I have bought several different kinds of products with different styles. Their adidas sweatshirts are real classics. I have the one in black and you actually don’t have to be a member to buy that one for a better price!

Then I have something completely different that I bought which is a Tommy Hilfiger maxi skirt. It’s a white skirt with colorful patterns. It might not be useful for winter but where it’s summer, it’s perfect!

A cute top to go with that and I feel girly and pretty – and really happy! So yes, thank you Honest Kiss for honoring the uniqueness in us women!

Final words on why I’m sticking to Honest Kiss membership

In the end, to me, it’s all about feeling good. If you’ve been following the blog and read the posts, you know we’re all about positivity here. It’s important to me and my girls that we do things that make us feel good. We’re not big fans of negativity or wasting time on things that don’t feel good. We always say that life is too short.

It doesn’t mean that we never have our bad days, everyone does! But we sure don’t want to waste our time on negative shopping experiences. There are too many good brands out there that actually care about their customers. So why choose the ones that are too expensive and don’t deliver on quality? Or those who don’t really care about the people?

That just doesn’t make sense to me or to my girls.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Honest Kiss!

– B