Smoothie bowl for breakfast

smoothie bowl breakfast

I really enjoy eating healthy… But even more important, I want what I eat to taste good. Because of that, I’ve started to really make an effort when it comes to breakfast… I love starting my day off with a delicious smoothie bowl! I have curated a really simple recipe that I really enjoy making in the mornings. It’s very easy and very fast. All you need is three ingredients and a blender… 

A colorful start of the day

One thing that I really enjoy when it comes to a smoothie bowl, is that it’s very colorful. You can’t go wrong… Or well, at least I haven’t so far, haha! Having a breakfast that really gives me energy and really makes me smile, is a really big plus for me. In addition to that, it truly feels amazing filling my belly up with vitamins and nutrients.

Before I started making smoothie bowls for breakfast, I usually just had some dry bread… So boring, right?! And I really had to force myself to eat it… Haha, because we all know there is no enjoyment in eating a dry piece of bread.

On the other hand, now I cannot wait to make my smoothie bowl and enjoy my breakfast. I’m so happy that I discovered the passion for actually taking a bit of time in the morning. It’s so worth it. After all – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you wanna try something good for dinner though, you can try my recipe HERE.

breakfast table

Breakfast for champions

When I have the opportunity to actually sit down and eat my breakfast, my day starts so much better. I really enjoy making a smoothie bowl for my friends or if I have someone visiting. Something I love is that it’s so easy to mix up which topping you want. And if there is something you’re not THAT fond of, you don’t have to put it on… Or switch it out with something else.

My favorite right now is different types of berries. I also enjoy combining the berries with some granola on the top. Granola is such a typical thing that screams breakfast to me. That might be why I like it so much.

berries for breakfast

The simple recipe

You only need…

  • Frozen berries of your choice
  • Frozen banana
  • Soy milk with vanilla taste (yum! but feel free to switch this out with another type of milk)

Mix all of this in a blender, and make sure you don’t add too much of the liquid in… Do it slowly so you can easily control the texture. When it’s perfectly blended, you just have to put it in a bowl and add your favorite topping. Easy right? If you want to try even more types than this one, I want to advise you to press HERE. There are so many benefits of eating fruits and veggies for breakfast, so I strongly advise you to at least give it a shot. I cannot imagine that you won’t like it.

– M