Honest Kiss helps you get in shape

In the last few years, I have become more interested in my health and having a healthier lifestyle with good food and a fair amount of exercise. I, therefore, thought I would share some of what I have learned with you. Not so long ago, I also made a new discovery on the internet that goes in this direction. Honest Kiss is a fashion and beauty webshop that also gives its customers a chance at a healthier life. That’s the perfect combination of all the good stuff – beauty, fashion, and good health? 

I have never really been someone who has been very interested in sports… Or even thought much about living a healthy lifestyle until a couple of years ago. I often felt a little low on energy during the day and I wanted to do something about it.

That’s how I started reading more and learning more about the importance of a balanced and healthy diet and how much exercise can actually make a difference if you are in the same situation. 

My home workout gear

A change does not have to be extreme

I have to admit that for me it was a big challenge at first, and I did not really know where to start to make a change. It can be so easy to be affected by what you hear around you. Many of the methods people are talking about are very extreme, suggesting that you should stop eating to lose weight or that you must be at the gym 24/7 to build muscle.

I want to really make it clear that these myths and crazy suggestions can be dangerous to follow! It is undoubtedly possible to live healthier and better with small changes. I am a living example of that. I definitely exercise more than I did in the past and eat better than before. But I certainly do not spend all my time in the gym or count every calorie I eat.

In my opinion, it’s all about balance and your attitude. This is where Honest Kiss comes into play and can help you.

My (small) lifestyle changes

What I did, in the beginning, was to first and foremost try to bring in more exercise into my everyday life. I jumped off the bus a few stops earlier and walked the rest of the way to work. Or started taking the bike all the way to work on the days the weather permitted me to do so.

I also started thinking about drinking a lot of water, it really is the best way to cleanse the body from toxins and all that we don’t want in our system. My tip is to start the day with a large glass of water to get your body ready for the day. Sometimes I add a slice of lemon to it if I have it at home. So tasty. 

In addition to this, I also changed my eating habits a little. I still eat everything I want to eat and have not put any obstacles there. However, I eat slightly smaller portions and more often. I also eat a lot more homemade food! Ordering takeaway is truly one of my biggest downfalls. Of course, I still order takeaway food sometimes but certainly not as often. I am absolutely convinced that it has helped me much more than I actually have realized to cut down on this. 

I now love to eat healthy

How can you get help from Honest Kiss?

Honest Kiss is a webshop that first and foremost offers its customers great fashion and beauty products from the very best brands. They have a great concept with a membership that allows you to enjoy great benefits.

Their concept is based on a membership that is renewed every month and where you as a customer receive a gift card for the amount you pay for the membership.

You can then use this gift card on exclusive products from lots of well-known brands. The best thing about this is that the prices are so incredibly low. That means you’ll get lots for your money. Much more than what you could get in other webshops.

One of the other things you can use your Honest Kiss gift card on is what I like best – a personal trainer!

Personal trainer at Honest Kiss

In the past, when I thought of a personal trainer, I always associated it with something I could not afford. I also did not see the value of spending my money on having a person screaming over me while I was doing my sit-ups.

Of course, I have now changed my attitude completely regarding this. Today, it is much more accessible and more affordable to hire a personal trainer. At Honest Kiss, you can get a personal trainer at an incredible price – one of the benefits of being a member of their club!

When you book a consultation with Honest Kiss’s personal trainer, you will first have to fill out a form informing the personal trainer about the goals you have for your training. After that, the personal trainer will create a tailored schedule for you. And not only that… You also get a diet plan to follow. 

Working out with a personal trainer

Lots of benefits to having a personal trainer

I promise you will see results in just a couple of weeks! I myself have used a personal trainer for a while now. For me, it was really worth every penny. I got new workout tips and help with my technique. I myself am out running a lot but I also try to catch up with a little strength training. Sometimes I want to mix it up a bit.

With the help of the personal trainer I had, who was not through Honest Kiss, I have improved my running technique and also got inspiration for new dishes.

I really loved getting tips on new dishes. Sometimes it is so very difficult to find something good and healthy to eat, and especially when you are alone. Therefore, a little extra inspiration is needed. I almost think it was this part that I liked the most with the experience.

I have actually been thinking for a long time about hiring a personal trainer again and now with my gift card from Honest Kiss, it is really the perfect time to do it again. 

Personal stylist

I have also discovered another exciting concept that Honest Kiss offers its members! I just have to share it with you too!

Once you have seen the results of starting to live healthier and from exercise, it can be a little fun to focus a bit on your personal style as well. Because even here it is very easy to just end up in the old-fashioned way and use only one color scale or type of garment.

With Honest Kiss, you can actually also book a consultation with a personal stylist! Imagine being able to know which type of garment best suits your body type! And what colors you should dress in to highlight your best features!

Inspiration for special occasions

Getting good tips for your everyday wear is of course great. But I think I will use this service for a special occasion! For example when I’m invited to a wedding or a nicer party. I think it can be very difficult to find nice clothes for these types of events. 

It feels like I sometimes try too hard and the result is still not what I hope for. I am absolutely sure that Honest Kiss will be of great help with their personal stylist for my next big event. Now I’m just waiting for that to happen…

Another thing that I think this service can be good for is makeup tips and hair tips! Just like with clothes, make-up and hair are a big part of the styling. To make a good impression, it is important that everything matches.

So I really think it’s so good that Honest Kiss offers both a personal trainer and a stylist, it’s like everything you could possibly need to both look and feel healthier!

Imagine having your own personal stylist - You can get that at Honest Kiss

A small summary of Honest Kiss

It’s not necessary to make a huge change in order to get started on your healthier lifestyle that will make you feel better. It’s not about completely changing the way you live and just eating salad all day. Nor about spending endless hours at the gym. 

Simply start by figuring out what your goals are for a healthier life and make changes accordingly.

If you lack a little inspiration or do not know where to start, a membership at Honest Kiss can help you either with a personal trainer or a personal stylist. Or maybe you’ll even feel inspired just by looking through their website. 

Exercise tips and diet plans from them will help you get in shape and you can really focus on the areas you want. It is a flexible service where you have a consultation with a personal trainer who then creates different plans for you. The best part is that they also have follow-up so that you cannot skip doing it!

For me, it feels like a great concept and I will test it myself soon. It’s really nothing to think about in my opinion. I can only see a lot of benefits with the services that Honest Kiss offers. But not only that… Everything they offer you as a member in fashion and beauty makes everything even better.

Do not miss checking out Honest Kiss to find out more about how you can get on with becoming your healthiest self!

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