Should you do a juice cleanse? My experience

Green juice

I have tried doing a 3-day juice cleanse, and I thought I’d share my experience with you guys. It’s completely up to you if you want to do it or not… The only thing I want to mention is that this is MY experience with the juice cleanse, and it might be that you’ll have a completely different one. The most important thing is to listen to your body no matter what, and do what feels right for you. 

Resetting my body after an unhealthy period

The reason why I wanted to try a juice cleanse was that I wanted to reset my body. I had been eating kind of unhealthy for a period of time. Too much sugar and fatty foods… My body did not feel good. I had heard about the kick your body could get, and that it could help my skin as well. I had experienced a few breakouts, but honestly, in retrospect, I should have just been better at following my skincare routine.

Read about skincare 101 HERE. I decided to do a 3-day juice cleanse. I had no experience with it but I thought that 3 days should be good. Not too much, not too little. Read about how to do a juice cleanse HERE.

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Reactions from the body that I did not expect

I honestly would not recommend doing a 3-day juice cleanse to anyone. It was too much and I did not feel good… I will tell you about why. When I started with my juice cleanse I thought I was mentally prepared, but it turned out that I wasn’t. I was not ready for all the reactions my body sent out.

I am used to being full of energy but felt that I was lacking ALL energy except directly after drinking a juice. It was not many juices per day either… 5 juices might sound like much, but when it’s only liquid, it’s not.

It felt like my body said no to the juice cleanse

In addition to lacking energy, my belly acted up. I got diarrhea and had it the whole juice cleanse. I did NOT know about that side effect! If I’d had known I for sure would not have chosen a 3-day juice to cleanse. I could of course have stopped, but I did not want to give up either…

The energy that I was lacking did feel like a signal. It was telling me to eat and I should have done it. I think I will be a bit more skeptical to try different diets in the future.

red juice

Keeping healthy after the juice cleanse

After the three days had passed, I could finally eat again. Wow, it felt good! I tried to eat healthily, and I must admit that my first meal after the juice cleanses, was not bad… The only thing is that it is very hard to stick with eating only healthy, especially when you crave all kinds of food after being on a 3-day cleanse.

In summary, I would not advise anyone to do a 3-day juice cleanse and I would not do it again. If you want to try it, I think 1 day is more than enough. But that is just my opinion…

– M