Meditation: the benefits of a regular practice

woman practicing meditation on the beach

Firstly reserved to some outsider communities, the practice of meditation has become widespread over the years. Even scientists are starting to agree that it is healthy. Loads of studies show its efficiency and its benefits to efficiently. Whereas you are stressed because of your job or your personal life, or even if you just want more peace in your life… Here is why you should not wait to give it a try!

What is conscious meditation?

Conscious meditation allows you to approach your thoughts in a different way, or should I say, your surplus thinking, and to make you realize you live in the present moment. You know, the thoughts you can not control and drive you crazy! Well, stop trying to push them away. You need to learn how to welcome and accept them, sooth and with practice control them. I mean, control when YOU want to think or empty your mind. Indeed, the modernization and our sedentary lifestyle have made us go crazy: our brain is requested non-stop, without a break. Phones, screens, music… It is time to learn how to stop for a moment, unhook and calm your mind.

How to practice

meditation is a state of mind

Meditation and breath are inseparable. If you are a beginner, I recommend you to find a quiet and comfortable, somewhere at home where you feel at peace and will not be disturbed. Sit down, your spine straight. You can use a cushion, blanket, or even a book to sit on to be in a more comfortable position. Then close your eyes, and focus on your breath, your body, and the present. I strongly recommend watching lessons and tutorials on YouTube. The videos will guide you throughout the practice. Also, there are plenty of free apps to download on your phone such as Calm or Headspace. Others are not free and offer a wider range of exercises, but once again, if you are just beginning, the free versions are more than enough.

The benefits of meditation

You will quickly feel inner peace and a well-being feeling grow inside you. Meditation relaxes, helps you to relativize, have more positive views and thoughts, and generally overcome tough situations. A regular practice will also improve your capacity to focus and concentrate. But the best advantage is without the shadow of a doubt the fact that it so helps you to release the stress ! You can read our article about the stress for more options.

Be indulgent with yourself

colorful drawing of meditation

Meditation is hard. It demands months and years of practice. Do not blame yourself if you are not focused enough, just slowly go back to the exercise. Accept your thoughts, just decide to put them aside for a while. You can practice meditation at any age, and obviously, the younger you start, the easier it is. Also, this activity is mobile: you can practice at home, or on the bus, at work, in a waiting room… Although, you need good practice to be able to meditate is a busy room.

Benefits are numerous. Meditation is one more weapon to overcome our daily issues and situation. Alone, with your family or with friends, do not hesitate to try. It will make your heart and your mind richer.

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