Bronze goddess – get that glow girl


Lately, I’ve been completely hooked on that typical gorgeous bronze look. I just love the tanned look, without it being too much. Simply just getting that GLOW! I will share with you my latest tips and tricks to get a perfect glow for the summer.

Natural and confident glow on the body

Something that I really like is the natural glow that a dry oil can give you. It’s just so subtle but nice. Every time I am doing something special, I am making sure to put on dry oil on my legs and arms. Basically, everything that will show. And I promise you, I always get compliments for my glow!

Another thing that is very positive is that it really moisturizes the body and goes deep into the skin, which I love. It doesn’t get that sticky feeling. I guess it makes sense that skin that is moisturized has a healthy glow… But I get surprised about the result every time, haha. So me! 

 Glow Oil

Sunkissed face

On my face, I loooove using a bronzing powder, but always making sure it’s not too much… The best thing about bronzers is that there are so many different types of existing. I love that you find both matte powder and powder with shimmer.

There are also versions with subtle glitter that gives you a highlighting effect. I usually like to wear a powder that has a matte finish, and then another one with a bit of shimmer in my cheeks. It gives you the perfect combination and perfect glow. I’ve learned the hard way that too much shimmer can look really crazy, haha.

It was E who told me “enough is enough” that one time I came looking like a disco ball. And well, I did. And that’s what friends are for. Helping you out when you look like sh*t and can’t see it yourself. Haha, I love you, E!

Bronze glow

Glow is not necessarily the same as tan – even though I love my tan

Something I’ve learned during the years is that having a nice glow does not necessarily mean being tan. A person that hasn’t seen the sun in forever can also have a natural glow. I really envy those who have that, as I feel like I don’t get that result naturally.

My girl A told me it’s all about skincare. So I guess I have to just become better at following my skincare routine. A made a little post about skincare as she is very interested in that, so if you want to read it you can press HERE. Right now I’m a bit lazy since it’s summer and I try to just keep it light and that everything should go fast… But soon… Soon I will try to start taking better care of my skin.

What is your favorite product when it comes to GLOW? Any recommendations you want to give me?

– B