Effortless hair – the messy bun

Products for the bun

One of my favorite things to do with my hair if I just want it out of my face is a messy bun. I love the effortless look it makes. As if I have used no time what so ever. I can make it more polished if I want to, but I actually prefer it to be rather messy. 

The bun that needs (almost) no products

When I make my messy bun, I rarely use a lot of products. I wash with a shampoo and conditioner that I got recommended by my hairdresser. They are perfect for my hair, which tends to be a bit dry. I also do a mask once a week.

Except for the products I use in the shower, I don’t use a lot in my hair. Some dry shampoo if necessary, and some saltwater spray if I want a beachy look… That’s more for the summer though. I love that I can mix it up however I feel like it. If you want to read about how to achieve a “no makeup” makeup look, you can press HERE.

shampoo for hair

Hair that looks like you used no time on it, in a good way

Something that I find great about the bun, is that it looks like I spent very little time on it. Because of that, I always get a lot of compliments on my hair. My friends always say that I’m so blessed with naturally good-looking hair… What they don’t know (until now, haha) is that I actually spend quite some time on it. In addition to the products I’ve mentioned earlier, I try to avoid damaging my hair. I make sure to airdry it…

That’s actually something I recommend for the messy bun. You don’t need perfectly blow-dried hair for that, haha. If you are insecure about how to do it, check out a helpful Youtube video HERE. Another thing I do is that I rarely use heating tools on it. If I want wavy hair I braid my hair when it’s still damp, and sleep with the braids… The following day I have perfect waves. The only thing needed is to drag my fingers through my hair.

Not the best hairdo on all occasions

I must admit that the messy bun is not something to do if you want to look polished or really exquisite… It’s supposed to look like you’ve spent no time. It’s perfect for a day in the park, or a hike. In addition to that, it’s great for a beach day or a movie night. Any time you want to be relaxed.

If I have plans where I need to look more polished, I prefer to have my hair all-natural. Another possibility is to make the bun super tight and not messy at all. Then you can also use a lot of product to make it sit, and give it kind of a wet-look finish as well.

bun hair

Tell me about your favorite thing to do with your hair! 

– E