How to get plump and bigger lips in a natural way!

Get plump and bigger lips!

Have you ever wished for bigger lips? Without having to contact a surgeon or getting injections. I honestly will have to admit that I have. That is why I have tried different trips and tricks throughout my years. These are the ones that actually work, and are worth doing. It’s not hard and only takes a couple of minutes. Okay, fine, I won’t end up with a Kim Kardashian pout, but i’ll still see a difference, and that’s good enough for me! And, it’s free! The only things you actually need are your favorite lipstick, a lip gloss, a lip liner and simple contouring skills! Let’s make magic! 

One of the most important things to remember is to moisturize

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I can’t say it enough! If you want your makeup to look flawless you can’t have dry and chapped lips. If they are really dry I would advise you to use a light scrub. You can do this in a really simple way! Just use a wet cloth and rub this softly over your lips.

Tips for bigger lips

You should also use a good and moisturizing lip balm in your daily life. This will keep your lips from drying out or becoming chapped. At the moment I’m completely hooked on this one, smells so good and does wonders for my lips! If your dry lips are really bad, place a good amount of this lip balm on your lips before bedtime and let it work its magic overnight. Usually, I have to do this during the winter months. The cold and crisp air is not good for the sensitive skin on your lips, luckily there are good procuts like this out there to help. 

Lip liner is essential for bigger and more plump lips! 

It’s important to be precise when choosing a lip liner. You should never choose one that is too dark in comparison to your lips. Just a tad darker than the lipstick you’re going to be using. Apply the lip liner around the outlines of your lips, never above. I know how tempting this could be, and how easy it is to think this will make my lips look bigger. Don’t fall for the trap! Just apply it on the outlines of your upper and lower lip, avoiding the corners. 

Your lipstick should be a shade lighter than your lipliner. 

This will help add volume. Finish it off by adding some lip gloss. This will give you a bit of shine, making your mouth more reflective. This gives the illusion of bigger lips. And who doesn’t want that? If you prefer a more natural look, THIS might be the perfect read for you! 

Get bigger lips

As a last touch, contour yourself to bigger lips! 

To give yourself a professional finish, add some highlighter. You can apply the highlighter above your upper lip. If you don’t have a highlighter, a good tip is to use a white or bright eye shadow. Hope you liked my tips! Voilà! It’s that easy!


– M