My must have skincare products at the moment!

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As you guys know by now, I really care about taking care of my skin. I use a lot of products, but at the same time I also try out a lot of new products often… It’s just so much fun! I thought I’d make a post about my favorite products at the moment. Maybe we share some favorites? Or maybe you have some products that you can recommend me! 

I can never get enough moisture

Something that is really important for my skin, and for me to keep my skin bouncy, is hydration. If my skin is dry, I can just forget about looking good. Because of that, I always have a lot of products on my shelf that focuses on hydration. If you are a newbie when it comes to skincare, read my post about skincare 101 HERE. Something that I love doing is putting a super hydrating mask on me, right before I go to bed. I then sleep with the mask all night and wake up with a super plump face that is sooo hydrated. I love it! It’s just such an easy way to do it.

At the moment my favorite hydrating mask is from Origins. They have an overnight mask with avocado which I simply adore. Really recommendable. If you want to read about why you should sleep with a mask at night from someone else’s perspective, you can do that HERE.

My favorite products

One of the most potent products I have

Another one of my favorite products is the glow toner from PIXI Beauty. It has 5% glycolic acid, which really helps clean my pores. I notice a BIG difference from before I started using this toner, after cleansing my face. I use it morning and night after I’ve cleansed my face. It leaves my skin feeling really good. Another positive thing with this toner is that I feel like my makeup simply is prettier when I apply it after this. I don’t know if it’s because of the natural glow I get from within, or if it’s because the canvas (my face, haha) is so prepped and clean. Probably a mix of both.

Effortless brows with great products

Benefit Cosmetics is a brand I just love when it comes to brow products. After I discovered the brow pencil that they call “precisely, my brow” eyebrow pencil, I’ve been hooked. The pencil has such a thin tip that it lets me fill in my brows with a very natural result. I can actually draw on hairs, on the areas where I lack it. I couldn’t be happier! In addition, which also is one of the reasons for it being one of my favorites… It’s smudge-proof up until 12 hours. That really makes my days easier! Not having to worry about my brows, haha.

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Sharing our favorites with each other

I really enjoy the opportunity of sharing my favorite products with you guys. And that you guys actually can respond and give us feedback here on this blog! So much fun! Please let me know, have you guys tried out one or more of my favorites before? What do you think? Do you have any other favorites that you think I should try? I look forward to hearing about them. As you know by now, I just love to try new things, so I’m very open for it!

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