Barbecue with friends – what you must have

Barbecue skewers

I really love to spend time with my friends, and really make something extra out of it. I was arranging a barbecue with some friends the past weekend, and I thought I’d tell you about it. Maybe you’ll get some tips to arrange a barbecue on your own

Quality time with friends

There is little that is as great as spending time with your best friends. As you know I am a foodie, so I always try to arrange something that can include food. Haha, I’m just like that! But a barbecue, I don’t know anyone that would say no to. It’s perfect both if you eat meat and if you don’t… Also, it’s very easy to make something in the case of other dietary restrictions, like allergies.

Everything can go on the grill. As you probably can tell, I looove a good barbecue. If you want some tips on things you can make for your barbecue, you can check that out HERE.

Barbecue Meat

The variety of a barbecue is endless

What I absolutely love about having a barbecue, is the variety of it. You can literally make a completely different meal each time if you want to. Depending on which kind of ingredients you choose, your meal will be completely changed up. One of my favorite things to make is skewers.

Skewers can be with literally anything! Do you want a veggie skewer? Yum! Put on some mushroom, bell pepper and onion for example… So tasty! Another thing that is fantastic is corn! My friend actually puts canned corn with butter in it, directly on the grill. It’s sooo delicious.

Mix it up and find your favorites

Like I mentioned, skewers are my favorite. They are because I can make them different each time, depending on what I feel like. I’m not a vegetarian, but a lot of times I make veggie skewers. On the other hand, I love mixing and having skewers with chicken or meat as well. My secret trick is to make a homemade barbecue marinade. I always put the meat and mushrooms in it. It honestly makes a huge difference. And it’s no joke, I always get compliments for my food when I arrange a barbecue.

Barbecue skewers

Make an event of it

When my friends or family come over to do a barbecue or any other meal… I love making an event of it. I always make sure my place is filled with music, fitting to the occasion. In addition, I love just putting up some string lights for example. Especially if we are meeting at night. It sets the mood right away!

If you’re not a fan of a good old barbecue (crazy!), or you just want to cook something else… You can check out another recipe HERE. I will for sure arrange more barbecues as long as the weather permits it. Hope you liked my tips and can use them to arrange something on your own.

– M