Earth Hour: one hour to protect the planet

Earth hour for the planet

Do you care about the planet as much as we do? Do you, too, think that we are destroying our natural environment and wish to help? This Saturday 27th of March, at 8:30 pm, join us and the rest of the world for Earth Hour. This is something absolutely anyone can do, anywhere. Spread the word, make an impact and speak up for the planet! In this article, I explain to you why it is so important and what you can do to help.

What exactly is Earth Hour?

Created by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Earth Hour is an international movement. It usually takes place on the last Saturday of March, around equinox day, when the day is as long as the night. In 2021, the date is Saturday, March 27. So, how does it work? It is very simple. The only thing you have to do is to switch off your lights! And that’s it! At 8:30 pm, everyone around the world is invited to go black and leave all the electric devices. Why don’t you take out of the closet some table games, candles and enjoy your evening like we did before the internet and Netflix arrived? According to WWF, this is “a moment millions come together for nature, people and the planet“.

Why should you take part?

earth hour turn off the lights

You are going to say, what is the point of Earth Hour? What does WWF aim to do with this action? By cutting all your electric activity, the goal is a global rise of awareness of the climate crisis. To protect the forests, the rivers, the seas… We want to put the spotlight on our planet, the climate issues, the destruction of the environment, and global warming. Because of the world health crisis we have confronted in 2020, we have the proof that WE can change the world, individually. The Earth Hour is a way to connect people from all over the world, at the same time, in the same fight, and feel united like ever, such as international women’s rights day.

What else can you do?

Of course, the planet will be forever grateful if you take part in Earth Hour. It is the first step to a bigger fight, and it means you are concerned about the future. But we strongly encourage you to do more! In 2021, WWF will post a video on the night of the 27th of March. Please share it on all the social networks, with your friends and family! You can also attend an event (most of them will be online this year), learn more about nature and climate, or even sign online petitions.

So, are you going to be part of Earth Hour this year? This is something very easy to do, but with a huge impact on the planet, to let it breathe for at least one hour. Do not hesitate to go on their website to know more about the movement, and join millions of people. Show politics that WE care and that they must take action now!

– B