New Year’s Eve party in your own home

New Year’s Eve Party Home Friends

Most New Year’s Eve parties have been cancelled this year due to the restrictions of the global pandemic. On a brighter note, it appears that most restrictions will be lifted or eased during the festive period. Thank the stars that me and the girls are able to reunite and spend New Year’s Eve altogether. Needless to say, we’ll be spending Christmas with our families but then we are planning our own little reunion to welcome in the new year. So we have had to change our usual plans of hitting the city and think over ideas of how to host a New Year’s Eve party at home.

New Year’s Eve Party Home Mexican Theme

B’s New Year’s Eve brainstorm

We are bringing Mexico home. Turn up The Champs tequila song…you know the one I mean, and let’s take out the shot glasses because there’s about to be an epic fiesta! B is thinking of fake mustaches, sombreros, and tacos. Sounds good to me! Themed parties are always so much fun and make for some hysterical photos to treasure. If a Mexican night is not for you, consider 80’s retro, burlesque, or a fancy dress party this New Year’s Eve.

E’s way to end the year

Being the most easily pleased of us all, E has suggested having a simple night in. Years gone by, we have spent hours taking our time to get ready for a crazy night on the town. As you know, we are unable to do so this year. Hence why E has come up with the idea to make the most of this and have a pyjama party with a takeaway pizza, our best-loved wine, and classic board games. Much like our cherished old-school game nights.

New Year’s Eve Party Home Cocktail Masterclass

How I visualize welcoming in the new year

Being the influencer that I am (I wish!), I want us to create a house party perfect for some Instagram worthy snaps. In that event, I’m thinking of a flower wall backdrop, sparklers, and my favourite suggestion of all…champagne bar. This won’t cost as much as you expect. Simply, use an old chest of drawers, throw over a fancy throw, place your champagne bucket, chutes, and several bottles of champagne on top, & voila! The fun doesn’t stop there, I’m envisioning a cocktail masterclass taking place in the kitchen. Failing that, we could have a sangria masterclass for an easier option! Then we will play the top hits of 2020, and dance around with a drink in hand! What more could I ask for?

Most importantly, we need to evaluate the crazy year that we’ve just had. Oh boy, it was a lot, wasn’t it? Something that I learned from another friend of mine was to take the time on New Year’s Eve to reflect on the previous year. Think about what you have accomplished, remember all of the moments that have shaped you in so many ways, and give thought to what goals you want to achieve in the next year ahead. One of the ideas I suggested to the girls is for us to have a New Year’s Eve resolution jar. We all place little notes of our resolutions inside of the jar. Then, in one year’s time, we can see if we stuck to them. To be continued!

– M