Organize your wardrobe girl


I’ve always cared about having a clean and organized place… Despite that, I must admit that my wardrobe has been one of the places I’ve kinda not prioritized. I honestly just organized it because I was bored. Haha! But after doing it, I’m not going back to unorganized anytime soon. 

Making your mornings more efficient

The first benefit of organizing my wardrobe is that I actually save a lot of time in the mornings. I honestly can say that I save at least 5 minutes, if not more… This I do because it’s just so easy to pick out an outfit. I can finally see what I have, and I know where to look if I have a certain piece in mind, that I want to wear.

One of the things that I personally feel like make me switch up what I’m wearing a bit more, is this coat stand. It’s standing in the middle of my room, so I always see it. On this coat stand, I always make sure to put pieces that I haven’t used in a little while…

In addition to that, I put pieces that I actually want to wear some more. It’s so much easier choosing those pieces when they’re right in front of me. I found a lot of pieces when I was organizing my wardrobe, that I haven’t used in forever… And those were donated so that someone that needs it more, can get them. Much better than having them lying around in my newly organized wardrobe.

external wardrobe

Making it fun to organize your wardrobe

I have a little trick that I want to tell you about. This trick might actually make it a bit more fun to organize your wardrobe. The trick is to get some nice looking hangers! For some, the aesthetics don’t matter… And that is completely fine as well! But at least it made it a bit more fun for me. I’m easy to please, I just want pretty things. Haha!

Another thing you can do, depending on if you share your wardrobe with someone or not, is to use Marie Kondo’s trick. Lucky for me I’m not sharing my wardrobe with anyone. On the other hand, a lot of us do, and if you’re one of those I really would advise you to watch the videos of Marie Kondo. She has a lot of smart tricks when it comes to organizing and cleaning.

wardrobe hangers

Doing it little by little, to make your life easier

I must admit that having an organized home makes me a lot more relaxed than if it’s messy. If you want some tricks on how you can handle everyday stress you can read about that HERE. I kind of regret not organizing my wardrobe before. It was really easy, and it simply made my life easier. The next thing I’ll do is try to organize my makeup drawer… That might be a bit harder than what I just did. Hehe, wish me good luck on that one!

– B