Winter activities for you and your friends

Winter Activities Friends

The winter months can be very cold for all of us. Consequently, we tend to spend more time indoors rather than brave the cold. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to waste our time as we have nothing better to do. That’s why I have rounded up some of our favourite winter pastimes to share with you.

Movie marathon

We are all so lucky that we have an abundance of films & series available at our fingertips. Between me and the girls, we have access to Apple TV, Amazon Prime video, & the almighty Netflix. For the most part, we never struggle to find something to watch as we have so much choice…it’s fantastic! What we love to do is have a night in at home and binge-watch either a series or movie sequel. Even if the series isn’t the best we have ever seen, we at least get to enjoy each other’s company. One series that I highly recommend is The Good Place on Netflix. A light-hearted feel-good comedy that will never fail to make you laugh.

Winter Activities Movie Marathon

Treat yourself to some winter delights

For one thing, being at home more often is wonderful to use as an excuse to binge-watch tv in your pajamas. For another, use your time at home to reuse the baking trays that you have lying at the back of your cupboards. Blow off the dust and put on your chef’s hat. Winter is a time that we all over-indulge, so make the most of it! Bake some cookies, and later enjoy the most deliciously crisp, golden brown treats that you can be proud of. Me and the girls love to bake our own individual batch of cookies and then decide which of them is the best. Why is everything always a competition with us?

Winter Activities Baking Cookies

Of course, to accompany the treats, we naturally need to have a nice warm mug of hot chocolate to wash them down with. Yet again, another blessing to the colder winter nights. If you wish to make your already sickeningly sweet beverage even more delicious, add some whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate sprinkles to the top. A masterpiece! In the same way, if you would rather ditch the hot drinks and bring a little more fun to your evening, mix your own cocktails. In this case, the more friends you invite, the more cocktails you can try out!

Baby, it’s cold outside

On the positive side of winter, we have stunning weather. Embrace the feeling of wrapping up warm with multiple layers of clothing, your warm woolies, & head outside to make the most of this weather that we only experience once a year. Firstly, take a hike through the forest or in your closest nature park. After that, return home, light the fire, and relax. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to live in a winter wonderland, purchase a sled for a bargain price. I promise you that this will provide you all with hours of fun, laughter & unforgettable memories. As well as providing some amazing Instagram snaps!

– M