Things you must see and do in Barcelona

Parque Guell Barcelona

I love to travel, and one of my favorite places to go to is Barcelona. I’ve been there a couple of times, and I’m definitely going back. I want to give you my personal recommendations on things to do and see in Barcelona, in case you decide to go there too. 

A city with a lot of different things to do

One of my favorite things when it comes to Barcelona, it’s that there are so many different things you can do there. If you’ve never been there before, I would absolutely recommend that you do some sightseeing. The city has a lot of beautiful architecture and other things to see. An architectural treasure is for sure La Sagrada Familia, which is known worldwide. The ancient roman architecture is particularly beautiful. Check out the website HERE if you want to. It’s curious because it’s still not finished… But I’ve heard it shall be finished in 2026! We will see, cause I’ll be back in Barcelona at that time.

Artsy architechture

Another gorgeous thing to see is Park Güell that is made by Antonio Gaudi. It’s big and beautiful. An absolute tourist attraction for a reason! Remember to bring your camera on your sightseeing round. I can really recommend to bring some lunch and eat in the park. It’s really big and the views are lovely. You won’t regret it. If you want to read about another big city that’s worth visiting, press HERE.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Enjoying the typical Spanish culture in Barcelona

Something that you, of course, cannot avoid no matter where you are in Spain, is eating tapas. In Barcelona, you will find a lot of cute and rustic tapas bars, where you’ll be welcomed by a big smile. I would recommend that if you go to eat tapas you buy a lot of different ones. By doing that you get to try a lot of different tastes, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you dare, you should ask the waiter for his favorites, and give them a shot. Trust me, if the waiter there recommends you something, it’s for sure either a best-seller in general – or a secret treasure.

Beautiful Barcelona

Barcelona has it all

What’s so great about Barcelona, is that it really has it all. You can go shopping, and find both high-end brands, or small Spanish stores. If you want a beach day, you find the beach close by. Bring your towel, but make sure you either go there early or in the afternoon. I’ve seen that it gets crowded pretty fast… If you choose to go there in the morning and spend the whole day, I wanna advise you to not forget your sunscreen. The sun is very strong in Spain, and the rest of the vacation is no fun if you have a severe sunburn.

A place to visit several times…

Like mentioned earlier, there is a lot to see and do in Barcelona, and I would advise you to do a mix of everything. Take a day to really go around with your camera and take a look at those special buildings with amazing architecture, and another one at the beach. On the third day, you can go shopping. Whatever you feel like! But don’t forget to enjoy tapas and sangría at night.

– B