International Women’s Day 2021

International Women's Day 2021

The historic event of International Women’s Day is an occasion celebrated by women from different cultures and backgrounds. This significant event has implemented great change for women across the world. It is an occasion for women to celebrate their independence, power, and entitled rights. International Women’s Day 2021 continues to challenge international inequality against women.

International Women's Day Inequality

What is International Women’s Day?

Since 1917, International Women’s Day has become an annual event taking place on the 8th of March every year. In previous years, it was an event to stand against the inequality of women. In more recent years, it is a day that celebrates feminism whilst reflecting on the progress made so far. We even have our own Valentine’s Day now! However, what is important to think about is that this exists in western countries. Yet, this is not the case worldwide. For this reason, International Women’s Day is as important today as when it first began. The fight for equality is not over.

International Women’s Day around the world

Celebrated in at least 20 countries throughout the world, people across the globe celebrate women’s achievements during this day. China marks the day as an official holiday when women (not men) enjoy a half-day off work. Russia celebrates the day with gifts such as a bouquet of flowers. Praise to Russia, who teach young boys about the day and encourage them from a young age to celebrate the girls/women in their life.

Women’s equality incorporates being able to make decisions, as we are empowered to do so. Poland banned abortion in 2016. Consequently, women took to the streets to march against the ban. Here lies a perfect example of how the fight is far from over. On the other hand in 2017, Saudi Arabia celebrated its first-ever International Women’s Day. Having been previously recognized as a country criticized for its stance on gender equality, this made for a historic moment.

International Women's Day ChooseToChallenge


Due to the current situation around the world at the moment, it comes as no surprise that campaigning against inequality will not be consisting of any physical movement. Instead, this year we have the #ChooseToChallenge action. Simply, raise your hand high and take a snap of yourself. This gesture shows that you are in favor of stopping the inequality that still exists today. Show your support & get involved by posting on your social media. After all, many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world.

How do organizations get involved?

Moving to today, International Women’s Day is not only acknowledged by women alone. Organizations such as Netflix spotlight the event. Netflix recently announced a collection of shows, documentaries, & movies all chosen by women, to honor the occasion. Although a small gesture, millions of people visit Google’s home page. Last year, Google designed their Doodle around the special day. The design symbolized the movement of women’s rights from a time when women challenged the status quo to the new roles that women now take in society today. Check out what other labels are doing for the event, here.

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