Packing for a weekend trip: What you must bring

packing my purse

When I’m going on a weekend trip, my number one thing is that I don’t pack in a suitcase. I always just bring hand baggage if I’m going on a plane, or something equivalent if I’m traveling by car/train or other forms of transport. During all of my trips, I’ve packed wrong sooo many times… But eventually, I learned some tricks on how to do packing in a great way. 

Make a packing list

My number one trick is to make a packing list. This will make you less probable to forget something. I assume that we have all been there? Arriving at whatever destination, and figuring out that you left something important at home… Typical. With a packing list, you at least have a smaller chance of this happening. I personally prefer to use the notebook app that I have on my phone.

For some, it’s better to write it on an actual piece of paper, and that’s no problem either. Whatever you prefer. For me, the best thing is if I can tick off the things that I’ve actually put in my bag. Doing that, I know for certain that I did bring them and not just put them on the list… Haha! Easy mistake to make. Another thing that makes it easier packing, is having an organized wardrobe. If you want to know some tips & tricks for that, you can read about it HERE.

packing list

It’s just a few days… Honestly!

The biggest mistake that I usually used to make when it came to packing… Guess what it was?! You’re completely right. I was packing too much. Doing that is so unnecessary. This last year I’ve actually avoided that, and it has made my packing a lot easier. The main thing that I overdo when it comes to packing, is bringing too many pieces of clothing. The solution to this? Very simple.

When I started actually thinking through what I’d do on the trip, all of a sudden there was less stuff to bring. When I hadn’t thought about what I’d actually do during the weekend, I had to pack a lot “just in case”. But honestly… If you go on a weekend trip, you will know more or less if you’re going to go shopping and party, or if it’s a trip where you’ll spend your time out in nature.

packing my bag

Be realistic, you don’t need pumps in the woods

Haha, yes. I’ve actually brought pumps on a cabin trip once. I’m embarrassed even writing it… I remember thinking that it could be that we wanted to dress up a bit one of the nights. First of all, of course, we did not want that… We were in a cabin! And second of all, if I would have dressed up, I still wouldn’t have worn pumps. More like fixing my makeup and putting on a cute top. Haha, well we live and we learn.

Now, being better at packing, I rarely bring more than two pairs of shoes to a weekend trip. The one pair that I’m wearing, and a more dressed up version if I’m going on a party trip. Simple as that. In addition, I always plan the outfits out before going. It makes everything easier. And I don’t have the hassle of having 5 unused tops in my bag when I get home.

– E